Be The Light Bible Journaling Conference – Content Downloads

Be The Light Conference Downloads

Thank you for signing up to attend the Be The Light Bible Journaling Conference being held October 16th through 18th. Some of the sessions have handouts, kits and other printables that you will need for the session. Therefore we wanted to get these in your hands ahead of time so you can print it out prior to the start of the conference. Not every session will have handouts. The session will also have the handouts available for download during the session. Here are all the sessions in chronological order:

5 Keys to Unlocking the Creative Light within You – Amy Benham – October 16th 1:45pm PST

5 Keys to Banishing Fear & Unlocking Your Creativity Handout [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Hebrew and Greek Word Studies for Sleep Deprived Moms (and Other Regular People Who Never Went to Seminary) – AlinaJoy Dubois – October 16th 2:30pm PST

Greek-and-Hebrew-Word-Studies handout [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Bible Journaling With Kids: How to Spiritually Light Little Minds – Chelsea Wojcik – October 16th 3:30pm PST

Light bulb [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Prayer bulb [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Bible Journaling with Kids Tip-ins [DOWNLOAD HERE]

In the Light Scripture [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Reflection Page [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Trust Him In The Dark – Jennifer Evangelista – October 16th 4:30pm PST

Trust Him In The Dark Handout [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Become a Sketchnote Boss! A Beginners Guide to Visual Notetaking to Grow Your Visual Faith – Marsha Baker – October 17th 9:30pm PST

Sketchnote Boss Handout [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Ramp Up Your Prayer Life With Bible Journaling – Regina Yoder – October 17th 10:30am

Ramp Up Worksheet [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Spirit Lead Me – Justine Dandrea – October 17th 11:30am PST

Spirit Lead Me 2019 [DOWNLOAD HERE]


Incandescent: How To Have a Jesus-Glow that Warms the World Around You – Amanda Davis – October 17th 1:00pm PST

Incandescent Session Printable [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Brighten Your Corner – How to Add Light to Your Heart, Your Art & Your World – JoDitt Williams – October 17th 2:00pm PST

Brighten Your Corner [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Igniting Creative Confidence – Monica Malbouef – October 17th 4:00pm PST

Igniting Creative Confidence [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Bible Journaling for the Creatively Challenged – Helen Cronin – October 18th 10:15am

Bible Journaling for the Creatively Challenged [DOWNLOAD HERE]

NEW!!! From Documenting Your Faith to The Wellness Revelation – Interview with Stephanie Ackerman October 18, 2019, 11:10 am

Be The Light Printable [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Introduction to Visual Prayer and the Devotional Life – Connie Denninger – October 18th 1:00pm PST

Visual Prayer – Be the Light -1 [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Visual Prayer – Be the Light -2 [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Visual Prayer – Be the Light -3 [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Be The Light With Bible Journaling – Tracie Rollins – October 18th 2:00pm PST

Be the Light Kit [DOWNLOAD HERE]

For those of you who registered with Tracie’s or our site’s conference link, you can download the Remember Your History kit [DOWNLOAD HERE] and you can watch the video here.


Be The Light Free Printable [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Bible Journal Love Coupon [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Rejoice Elements Zip File [DOWNLOAD HERE]

If you have come across this page and have not registered for the conference, make sure you visit the conference site here for your FREE ticket.