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Are you ready to finally love reading your Bible?
Experience joy and peace as you build a close relationship with God.
No Artistic Skills Needed!or prepay for only $17/mo

Momentum is a monthly Bible journaling kit subscription program designed to help you build momentum in your walk with God. It’s designed to make Bible journaling easy so that you can spend time in the Word consistently, without much preparation and without needing long blocks of time. You can Bible journal and grow in your faith even if you only have five minutes!

Look Inside!

As an added bonus, you’ll get immediate access to over 78+ devotionals,  corresponding Bible journaling kits, over 700 technique and Bible journaling videos, and hundreds of printables designed for Bible journaling and faith-based planning!

As a member of Momentum you’ll receive these fabulous printables every month (digital files – nothing is sent in the mail):

  • Five-part devotional on topics designed to build knowledge, self-confidence, and faith (scroll down for a list of topics that are available immediately)
  • Five Bible journaling kits that go along with each section of the devotional
  • Five videos – one for each section of the devotional
  • Coordinating Traveler’s Notebook Inserts
  • Classes on using certain mediums in your Bible (scroll down for the list)
  • Immediate access to all Beginner’s and Next Level courses
  • Every available product listed in our store
  • Access to products not listed in our store
  • And more!

Every month you’ll receive a five-part devotional including printables that go along with the daily verse. You can complete the devotional in five days or five weeks. The choice is yours!

You will also receive new technique courses every month that help you learn how to apply certain art mediums to your Bible. You’ll learn more about the medium, including what it is and how to work with it so that you can apply this knowledge as you begin to mix it with other mediums. You also have bonus courses on the basics of color theory. These are foundational art classes that you’ll use time and time again. Here’s a list of some of the technique courses you’ll get instant access to:

  • Gelatos
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylics
  • Stamps
  • Doodles
  • Crayons
  • Digital Elements
  • Pastels
  • Inks
  • Monoprinting
  • Drawing Faces
  • Markers
  • Collage
  • Creative Lettering
  • Bible painting
  • Interactive Bible Journaling
  • Scripture Cards
  • Painting Flowers
  • Foil
  • Gouache
  • Handlettering
  • Faith Journaling
  • Backgrounds
  • Summer Fun
  • Painting Trees
  • Stencils
  • More Interactive Bible Journaling
  • And so much more!!!!

You also have instant access to our library of Beginner and Next Level courses. No need to wait days or months to receive the next course.

AND…if that’s not enough, you’ll get our entire library of downloads! That means you get access to everything in our digital store including items that we haven’t released to the public. That’s another benefit of your membership. You get to be first!

No need to waste time planning your devotional time and finding supplies to work with the verses you’re reading. You get it all and you can cancel anytime! So go ahead and explore Momentum and continue to grow in the Word creatively!

The value of this offer is hundreds of dollars and continues to increase in value every month! Purchase Momentum today to build momentum in your walk with God.

or prepay for only $17/mo

What Benefits Do Members Experience?

bible journaling benefits

Momentum Frequently Asked Questions

What or Who is Bible Journaling Ministries?

Everything that you need to know about our ministry is on our About Us page. There’s probably stuff on there you don’t want to know too.

What’s included in Momentum?

  • Monthly 5-part topical devotional
  • Five corresponding kits
  • Five devotional videos (1 journal w/me video and 4 process videos)
  • Monthly technique videos
  • Everything that you see at at the time or before it’s released to the public
  • Exclusive printables
  • All 10 Beginners courses and printables
  • All 10 Next Level courses and printables
  • Momentum member badge

Will anything be shipped to me?

No. Momentum is a digital subscription. That means you access it from your computer, watch the videos, download the printables, and enjoy all the benefits of Momentum without ever having to leave your home.

Is it monthly?

Yes. You get a new devotional, videos, and other printables every month

Will I be charged monthly?

Yes. Cancel any time via your membership portal.

What is the regular price?


Is there a prepayment option?

Yes. You can save money by prepaying for your membership annually.

Is there a sale price?

Yes! Twice per year on the monthly payment option. 

What if I can’t join today?

No worries. Momentum is available to purchase at any time!

How do I cancel?

Go to the Momentum membership site and click My Account > My Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription on the right-hand side of the page.

How do I update my credit card information?

Go to the Momentum membership site and click My Account > Update Billing

Do I need a printer?

A printer is very helpful! Some members bring their files to a print shop or ask their friends or family members to use their printers.
What supplies do I need?

All you really “need” is access to the internet so you can watch the videos and read scripture (if you don’t have a Bible), a printer, paper, and pen. Everything else is optional (but fun).

What other supplies should I consider?

I purchase shipping labels instead of stickers because I have tested the PH on the ones I buy and they’re acid-free. You can also cut the items out and glue them in your Bible with acid-free glue. Here’s a list of supplies that I recommend:

How can I get ahold of support?

The best way is to contact us.

What if I can’t log in to the membership site?

Check your internet connection first. Then clear your cookies and cache. Try a different browser. These options have fixed the issue 100% of the time so far. But…If it’s still not working, email me know and I will log into your account and see what’s going on.

Can you do more faith planner things?

Yes! We currently offer a faith planner kit once per quarter, but we can offer more if Momentum members want it.

Which course should I start with?

If you’re new to Bible journaling, I would start with the beginner course! Then I would navigate to Momentum. Just hit the triangle on that menu option to bring up the courses that you have access to.

Is there be a separate Facebook group?

After much prayer, I was directed to keep everything in the Bible journaling for Beginner’s group for two reasons:

  1. I wanted to create something that was individual where people wouldn’t feel obligated, pressure, afraid to ask questions, or that they weren’t “keeping up” with the group. I wanted to facilitate a very private experience between God and his child. There is a discussion tab on the site where I answer questions, as well as via email.
  2. I didn’t want Momentum to take anything away from the beginner’s community. Mark 16:15 says we’re to preach the good news. I felt that having a group just for Momentum didn’t quite align with that Scripture. Those who are not in Momentum can still be encouraged and inspired by other’s who are.
    The best place to post your journaling would be in the beginner’s group, on our Facebook page (we often share your work with the public there if you post it to our page), and with anyone who you’re willing to engage in a dialog with about the Gospel. You will be amazed at how what seems like a simple post can encourage and inspire someone.

Does the program provide access to the individual graphics that you use to create the printables?

No. While we create many of our own designs, we do license art files from wonderful artists and designers all over the world. In many instances, graphics must be flattened to comply with the license agreements we have with the artist or company. This is to restrict the ability of others illegally saving the specific image. The printables we provide are flattened to comply with our license of those images.