How to Print a PDF file from a Mac or Windows PC

I love saving money, that’s why I prefer to print a pdf rather than go to the store and buy a ton of products. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to shop and am blessed with a lot of product to use. But, when I’m trying to save money, need something now, or get designs not available in the store, I go digital.

How to Print a PDF From a Mac or Windows PC

It’s easy to go digital and even easier to learn how to print a pdf from your Mac or Windows Pc. If you’re trying to print from a mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad, click here for tips on those devices. If you’re trying to print a pdf file from your Mac or Windows PC but you’re having trouble, here are a few things that might help.

  1. Make sure you have a pdf reader on your computer. Some computers have a pdf reader already installed when you buy it. I prefer Adobe PDF reader. You can download that for free here:
  2. Follow the instructions to install the app onto your desktop. If Adobe doesn’t pull up the correct version, you can select the correct version here: adobe pdf reader
  3. Once you have it installed, you may click on any PDF in your file manager and open it.
  4. Then print it by selecting File > to print pdfBe sure to review your printer’s manual for any settings required for color prints.

To save on printing costs, I use an HP Printer and get my ink via subscription, which I have found costs me under 4 cents per print (.033 to be exact). Specifically, I use an HP Envy 5660, but you can find an updated version using our affiliate link here – we may receive a commission from your purchase – thank you for supporting our ministry: New Printers.

To save on ink, I use the HP Instant Ink subscription service. They have plans as low as free 🙂 You can use our referral link here:

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