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What is Bible Journaling?

Bible Journaling is your creative response to the Word and transforms the way you engage with Scripture. It’s a creative way to get in the Word, learn, and grow.  Despite what others say, there are no rules! So if you’ve ever fallen asleep reading your bible or felt that it was more work than joy, you must give it a try.

Where do I start?

Starting something new can feel like a big task but we’ve made it easy on you! Throughout the site, you’ll find tons of resources and tutorials to help get you started and keep you going.

Free Bible Journaling Course

Check out our free course for answers to common questions that come up as you begin Bible journaling. With this free course, in as little as 10 days, you’ll understand the basics of Bible journaling and feel comfortable enough to keep going!


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Get started with just a Bible and a pen or pencil. For more, check out our list of supplies we love to use. The possibilities are endless!

  • Water Colors
  • Digital Sticker Kits
  • Surface Protectors
  • Sticker Paper
  • and more!
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Free Kits

Get new kits every month plus stay in the know on all of the latest Bible journaling trends and techniques

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What Kind of Bible Should I Use?

The Bible Journal selection tool is designed to help you find the right Bible to journal in based on your preferences. Take the quiz and find out which Bible is your best fit as you start this amazing journey!

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Bible Journaling Español – Diario de la Biblia en Español

We’re a part of a growing community of Spanish Bible Journaling, and we’re excited to share it with you.

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