Halloween is just a few days away! Will you be participating in it this year? There are many reasons why you shouldn’t. But, maybe there is one reason why you should. Here are a few thoughts, as well as my tutorial how to recreate Starry Nights below.

Is it Wrong to Participate in Halloween?

October 31st is just another day. It’s not a day that I set aside for the devil and I don’t honor the devil or his minions on any day. I see Halloween as a day to love on my community.

At my church, we’ll host a fall festival and have the community over with their costumes on as they go car to car,  trick or treating, in the parking lot. We call this event Trunk-or-Treat. It’s really fun and a great way to meet the neighbors and become acquainted.

Over the years I’ve had many friends who were not supportive of my choice to participate in Halloween. That’s totally ok!  I’ve had many friends come over for Halloween parties and fellowship, including pastors and their children. We’ve always had a great time in fellowship, and I always overbuy on Candy to give away.

If you’re struggling over whether or not to participate in Halloween, I encourage you to develop your own approach to Halloween based on how the Holy Spirit convicts you. As an adult, you should make your own decision and as a parent, you get to decide what’s best for your children. You do not have to take a traditional approach. You don’t have to conform (Romans 12:2).

Take a cue from Jesus in Mark 2:15-17. Instead of isolating yourselves from the night’s activities, you could offer a safe place for others to fellowship or print out a Bible coloring page and pass it out with crayons or candy.You could fellowship with someone and show them, through your kindness and actions, just how awesome our God truly is and how he works in your life. Halloween is a perfect opportunity to spread the Word.

Halloween Bible Journaling

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to recreate Starry Night with gelatos. Forward to about 12 minutes in if you want to jump directly to the tutorial.

Supplies you’ll need include:

Do you participate in Halloween? If so, what do you do? I’d love to hear what you do for Halloween in the comments below!

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