In this tutorial, I will show you how to make stickers from a PDF file using the Silhouette Cameo or Portrait cutting machine as well as the Circuit Explorer and Brother Scan and Cut cutting machines.

Supplies Needed

Hopefully, you already have a cutting machine. If not, I HIGHLY recommend the Silhouette machine. cut stickers from pdfBut, if you want something that doesn’t require a computer, consider the Brother Scan and Cut. If you’d like to support our ministry with your purchase, here are are our affiliate links:

Make Stickers from a PDF File Using the Silhouette Cutting Machine

The Silhouette Cameo or Portrait is an electronic cutting machine that can cut many different materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, and fabric. The software is included, but it is the standard Silhouette Studio edition. The version that I use is the Silhouette Cameo Edition. I purchased this machine quite a few years ago. And it still works today. I have not had to upgrade it, which is a wonderful thing considering how much technology changes from year to year.
The best part about this technique is that the cut doesn’t go all the way through the sticker paper! That means you can peel them off when you want to use them and you don’t have to fuss with trying to get the sticker off the backing. That saves both time and frustration! Yay!

Video Demonstration Using Silhouette to Cut PDF Stickers

Written Instructions

Step 1: Open the File in the Silhouette Software

To cut a PDF file from the silhouette, first open the file in the Designer Edition of the software. f you don’t have Designer Edition, you’ll need to convert your .pdf file to a .png file. Here’s a link to a converter: although I haven’t needed to use it myself.

Step 2: Import the File

I import my files as a Vector, but some people import them as an image. Either works fine! Click group and 300 dpi, which is the resolution that I save the files in. Then click Import.

Step 3: Add Registration Marks

Click open the registrations mark icon. Select your machine from the style menu.

Step 4: Trace the PDF File

Click the Trace icon.
  • Click Select Trace Area until you see the cross hairs on your digital mat.
  • Then drag the crosshairs until you get everything in the box.
  • De-select high pass filter.
  • Click low pass filter.
  • Adjust your threshold to approximately 91% until the area you want to cut is highlighted in yellow.
  • Click Trace Outer Edge

Step 5: Print the File

Select the printer icon to print the file.

Step 6: Cut the File

  • Click the Silhouette icon.
  • Click Adjust settings:
  • For White Sticker Paper:
    • Select the White Paper Sticker setting and adjust it as follows:
    • Rachet = 2 (IMPORTANT: Make sure change the blade in your machine too!)
    • Speed = 5
    • Thickness (now called “force”)= 5
    • Do not double cut the sticker paper. Make sure double cut is not selected.
  • For Clear Sticker Paper:
    • Select the White Paper Sticker setting and adjust it as follows:
    • Rachet = 2 (IMPORTANT: Make sure change the blade in your machine too!)
    • Speed = 3
    • Thickness (now called “force”) = 4
    • Do not double cut the sticker paper. Make sure double cut is not selected.

Cutting Square Alphas

1. Select trace area
2. Trace Preview = solid fill
3. Threshold = 68 (that’s what I set the the blue one too, but it may be different for the other colors.
4. All other settings at zero
5. Trace Outer Edge


If you don’t like your traced lines you can try again or double click the image and select simplfy. I usually hit that button 3 or 4 times. Press undo if you do it too many times.

Making Stickers from a PDF File Using the Circuit Cutting Machine

As far as I know, you can’t print and cut using anything except the latest Circuit Explorer models. That’s because print and cut functionality only exists in Cricut Design Space, which can only be used with newer models. Unfortunately, I only have a Cricut Expression (sad face) and Cricut Craft Room does not have a print and cut function. I doubt they will add it the functionality because they probably want everyone to upgrade. I can’t justify upgrading my Cricut since I have the Silhouette and this functionality has been around for years with that brand.
Because I don’t have a Cricut Explorer, I’ve decided to share a video from someone else. She did an excellent job sharing how to print and cut from a pdf using the Cricut machine.

Video Demonstration Using Cricut to Cut PDF Stickers

This video is not by me. It’s by Moe! You can find her YouTube channel here.

How to Change a PDF to PNG for the Cricut

Go to and upload the document
Pdf to PNG step 1 and 2
Wait for it to upload…
Pdf to PNG step 3
Click download and unzip the file by double-clicking it:
Pdf to PNG step 4
Go to your downloads folder and find your pngs 🙂
Pdf to PNG step 5

 Video Demonstration Using Brother to Cut PDF Stickers

While we’re at it…here’s a video for those of you who have the Brother Scan and Cut. It didn’t feel right leaving them out.

As always. You can always fussy cut your stickers. You don’t need a machine to do it for you. I just happen to like the clean lines that I get with mine.

Which do you prefer? Fussy cut? Cricut? Silhouette? Brother? I’d really love to know!


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