Bible Journaling Challenge

bible journaling challenge

Welcome to the Bible Journaling Challenge for Beginners! We’re so glad to have you. This Bible journaling challenge project is free to participate in. There’s no special tools needed. You can start with as little as a paper and pencil. That’s it! Our goal is to help you grow in the Word, creatively and not be overwhelmed by the lack of supplies and time. Our challenge can take as little as ten minutes or as long as you like!

In this challenge you’ll learn a simple technique that you can apply immediately. Free downloadable templates are included as well! You can use them for inspiration.  You can also print out, trace, color, or add adhesive to them to make them stickers. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

As you progress through the challenge, come share and fellowship in the Bible Journaling for Beginners Facebook community. It is YOUR community. A place to learn, share, gather, inspire, and grow in the Word, creatively.

Get started today! To access the Bible Journaling Challenge, click here.

bible journaling challenge

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Bible Journaling Challenge FAQ

Q: What supplies do I need?

A: To complete our challenges you’ll need the free downloadable file, access to the Bible (online access is fine) and a pencil. That’s it.

Q: What supplies does Tracie use?

A: You can find the entire list of supplies that Tracie uses here.

Q: Why do you offer this for free?

A: Bible Journaling Ministries exists to encourage others to spend more time in the Word; growing closer to God each and every moment. Our mission is to help women to grow in the Word, creatively. Providing free resources is one way we fulfill our mission.

Q: How can I support Bible Journaling Ministries?

A: Ministry work is often expensive and resource intensive. This site is partially funded thorough purchases you make using our affiliate links. When you click on a link and buy something, we may receive a small commission. Occasionally, we may have products for sale, like devotionals or courses. These also support our ministry. We don’t accept donations, but please share our ministry with your friends!