Faith Inspirations Scholarship Application

Faith Inspirations full scholarships are only available October 1-December 31 (requests outside this timeframe are not processed).
To request a full scholarship, please click here.

Provide a Scholarship:

Thank you for your interest in providing Bible Journaling Ministries scholarships to those in need. Please note that scholarships are not tax deductible and more information on why we choose to pay taxes is below. You can donate a scholarship by clicking the donate button and entering any amount. You can even make it recurring! You do not need a Paypal account.

You can donate any amount. If you have specific requests, please email support. In general, $15 provides one person with an all-access pass to our current season.

Why Scholarships Are NOT Tax-deductible:

  1. Bible Journaling Ministries does not wish to apply for tax-exempt status and prefers to pay taxes like other businesses and organizations. We are not seeking exemptions from income tax payments nor are we seeking favorable treatment under the law. Because we don’t have tax-exempt status and are not a 501C3 non-profit organization, your scholarship purchases are not tax-deductible.
  2. Bible Journaling Ministries does not wish to be restricted from sharing the good news in any way. Tax-exempt organizations, including churches and religious organizations, are restricted from actions, including voicing concerns that may be considered political, influencing legislation, or going against the norm/public policy. Some must spend thousands of dollars in legal fees when challenged. While we abide by all laws, something as simple as creating a Bible journaling printable for or against a country in war could be considered political; providing a printable that suggests a baby is alive in the womb could also be considered influencing legislation, etc. We prefer to pay taxes in order to have the freedom to create what the Holy Spirit tells us to.
  3. Tax-exempt status doesn’t significantly impact people who would most likely purchase a scholarship. According to the Tax Policy Center, 90% of households will take the standard deduction and will not itemize their taxes. Therefore whether or not we are tax exempt is likely irrelevant to your bottom line. If it is, and you do itemize your taxes, consider donating Bibles to unreached people via Bible for the World or American Bible Society (or give more to your local church) in lieu of providing a scholarship through our ministry.