Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Journaling Conference – Content Downloads

Thank you for signing up to attend the Fruit of the Spirit Bible Journaling Conference being held October 12th through 14th, 2022. Some of the sessions have handouts, kits and other printables that you will need for the session. Therefore we wanted to get these in your hands ahead of time so you can print it out prior to the start of the conference. Not every session will have handouts. Here are all the sessions in chronological order:

October 12th Sessions


The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Love – Charlene Warwick [DOWNLOAD HERE]

What to do When You’re Not Bearing Fruit? – Jade Sibblies [DOWNLOAD 1 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 2 HERE]

Fruit of the Heart – Tyra Harnishfeger [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Growing in Faith and Creativity – Six Ways to Approach Faith/Art Journaling – Roxanne Kennedy [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Finding Peace in God in the Middle of a Storm – Anne Markey [DOWNLOAD HERE]

5 Keys to Unlock Abundant Fruitfulness – JoDitt Williams [DOWNLOAD HERE]

October 13th Sessions

The Beauty of Pruning- Diane Noble [DOWNLOAD 1 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 2 HERE]

Reviving Rotten Fruit – Keri Sallee [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Love and Joynaling Fruits of the Spirit – Shalon Day [DOWNLOAD 1 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 2 HERE]

Ripening in the Spirit – Amanda Davis [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Growing In The Orchard of Life – Helen Cronin [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Leading Children Through Devotional Art – Justine Dandrea [DOWNLOAD 1 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 2 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 3 HERE]

October 14th Sessions

Learning to Be The Branch – Robin Sampson [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Bear Good Fruit – Bible Journal with PPS & Prayer Journal Setup – Kelly Gadsden [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Fruit of the Spirit – What Are They & How Do I Use Them – Sara Bryant [DOWNLOAD HERE]

Remain In The Vine Journaling Page – Carrie Barron (Download 3 is a zip file so it may need additional downloading once it is on your device) [DOWNLOAD 1 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 2 HERE] [DOWNLOAD 3 HERE] 
Carrie also uses 2 templates in her session. You can download them from the company she gets them from. [DOWNLOAD NOTEBOOK TEMPLATE HERE] [DOWNLOAD WOOD BACKGROUND HERE] 

Turning the Page – Lorri Spencer [DOWNLOAD HERE]

If you have come across this page and have not registered for the conference, make sure you visit the conference site here for your FREE ticket.