What’s the Difference Between Momentum and Faith Inspirations?

momentum vs faith inspirations

What’s the Difference Between Momentum and Faith Inspirations?
Specific details can be found here:

Momentum Bible JournalingFaith Inspirations

Summary Overview

Faith-based creative activities designed forBible JournalArt Journal
Main formatDevotional + Bible Journaling KitChallenge Card + Art Journal Kit
Number of videos/tutorials provided each month122
Number of bonus kits/printables provided each month51
Monthly updated membership areaxx
Access to all past courses/challengesx*x**
Live family meeting in Facebook group and YouTubexx
Monthly pricing$17-$25$8.25-$9.99
* 78+ Devotionals with Bible journaling kits, 468+ Bible journal with me videos, 400+ Bible journaling kits/extras, 450+ Bible journaling technique classes, and  more as of January 2024!
** 25+ challenges, videos, and kits as of January 2024!
More Specific Details
Focus: Provided monthly, but designed as a 5-part (weekly) exploration and study on a  life topic or Book of the Bible. Our themes are as follows:

  • I Have Purpose – these devotionals have to do with our purpose on earth and planning
  • I Am Known – these devotionals are about identity
  • I Am Blessed – these devotionals are about blessings, thanksgiving, and gratitude
  • I Am Saved – these devotionals are about salvation
  • I Am Not Alone – these devotionals are helpful when you feel like you’re alone
  • I Love and Am Loved – these devotionals are all about love
  • I Am Equipped and Able – these devotionals are about overcoming diversity, spiritual gifts, armor, and taking action
  • I Am Guided – these devotionals are about discernment and listening to the Holy Spirit
  • I Have Faith and I Trust – these devotionals are about trusting in the Lord and strengthening faith
  • I Celebrate Christ – these devotionals celebrate Christ and usually occur during Easter and Christmas
  • I Study the Bible – these devotionals are specific to a Book of the Bible we are studying or other theology
Devotional: 5-part printable devotional on a particular topic every monthx
Printable Kits: 5-part printable bible journaling kit tailored to each verse in the devotional and 1-part mini kit that is tailored to the overall theme. You also get the calendar, printed verses, and coordinating traveler’s notebooks.x
Videos: Walk-through videos that start with prayer, discuss the verse, and provide an over the shoulder look at what we’re working on.x
Bonus Library: 5 bonus printables in the form of Bible journaling kits, faith-dex cards, PNG images, margin elements, alphabets, or planner kits each month.x
Bonus Classes: 5 technique videos on a specific art technique (drawing, painting, watercolor, mono-printing, etc) topic each month.x
Focus: Designed as a once-a month challenge that explores a verse of the Bible usually related to a topic that’s chosen annually. In 2024 our topic is the Book of Proverbs.x
Challenge card: A printable challenge card listing the monthly verse, color palette, and challenge instructions. Your challenge is to use all of the items in a project that encourages and inspires you and those around you.x
Printable Kits:  Every odd month, you’ll receive a mega kit that includes an 8-page pdf with ephemera, collage paper, the challenge, and wordfetti. The main focal image and stencil design will also be available in.png format. Every even month, you’ll receive a 2-page pdf with ephemera, the challenge, and wordfetti.

  1. January, March, May, July, September, and November – are mega printable months where you get an 8-page pdf, images, and a stencil design to use.
  2. February, April, June, August, October, and December – are mini printable months where you get a 2-page pdf to use and is an easier challenge.
Videos: Every month, you’ll get a tutorial that shows how one of creative team members used the challenge to create a project.x
Bonus Library: We also add clip art, collage paper, and ephemera to our library once a month so you’ll always have access to fun, creative images to use in your art.x


Examples of Momentum Bible Journaling:

Revelation 3:2

Examples of Faith Inspirations: