Next Level Bible Journaling Lesson 9: Applying Paper Napkins to Your Bible

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Lesson 9: Applying Paper Napkins to Your Bible

Napkins are fun to use in your Bible because they come in many designs, are thin, and are often transparent allowing the words to be visible after application. They are fun to use, but may bleed through your pages depending on the napkin. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to prep your page, apply the napkin and add embellishments.

Supplies Used in This Lesson:

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Bible Journal – NIV Holy Journaling Bible

Craft Mat 

Dina Wakely Clear Gesso 

Liquitex Matte Medium (optional) 

Makeup Sponge 

Paint Brushes 



Find a paper napkin that’s decorative. Hopefully, you have one in your home. Give this technique a try. If you’d like to share it with us, please do! You can share your work in our Facebook community or on our page.