Momentum Monthly Printing and Individual Kit Printing Services


Don’t have a printer or the time to visit your local print shop? We have partnered with Shalon Day to print and mail these kits to you. The Monthly Printing Service will mail you the new Momentum Kit and Devotional for the upcoming month. Click the link below!

Yes! I Don’t Want to Print It Myself! 

What Is Included?

For just an additional $20 per month you get printed for you:

  • Monthly Devotional
  • 5 page Monthly Bible Journaling Kit
  • 1 Page Monthly Mini Bible Journaling Kit
  • Monthly Travelers Notebook
  • Monthly Verse Calendar
  • Monthly Topical Study and Worksheets
  • 25 pages printed for you!

Your order will go into our system and we will mail you the current month’s Momentum Kit and Devotional.

On the first weekday of the following month you will get the next month’s kit. Subsequent kits will be mailed out on the first weekday of each month.

Shipping cost is included in the price for each month’s kit. (First Class included)

We will print the pages in color and on copy paper and mail it to you.

  • All sheets are 8.5×11
  • These are NOT precut!

Want The Kits Printed on Sticker Paper?

Just click this link instead:

Send Me My Kit with Sticker Paper

Did you Order A Single Kit You Want Printed?

If you would like your kit printed, we partner with Shalon Day to print your kits and mail them to you. Please click this link once you have purchased the kit:

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