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The Bible Journaling Ministries FREE Bible journaling course is designed for beginners. There is no cost at all! The only request that we make is that you participate in the course. That means that you watch the videos and give Bible journaling a try. That’s it! It’s easy. Here’s what’s included:

  • FREE Bible JournalingLesson 1: Quick Start
  • Lesson 2: How to Find Scripture
  • Lesson 3: Finding the Best Bible
  • Lesson 4: Protecting Your Workspace
  • Lesson 5: Tracing
  • Lesson 6: Colored Pencils!
  • Lesson 7: Coloring in Your Bible
  • Lesson 8: Tip-ins
  • Lesson 9:  Stickers + Bonus*
  • Lesson 10: Bonus* Shhhh…it’s a secret.
  • *Bonuses include printable stickers in .pdf format.

When Do I Get My First Course?

You will receive an email after you sign up for this course. It includes the first course!  You’ll receive the next class on the next day for ten days in a row. Please save the emails so you have access to the course at a later date. Since this is a free course, we can’t resend them to you. Sorry!

If you don’t open the emails, your email system will think that you don’t want them. Please open them! Otherwise, your email provider will stop allowing our emails to get to you. We’re trying to send them, but your email provider will eventually block them if you don’t open them.

What Supplies are Needed?

We recommend that you take begin the course prior to buying supplies so that you don’t buy things you don’t want or need. A list of budget supplies and high-quality high-value supplies is provided in class #1.

Why is This Bible Journaling Course Free?

This course took hundreds of hours to design, film, edit, and launch. All of my friends think I’m completely crazy for putting that much work into something that’s free. But, here’s my response to all of the “eye-rolling” and perplex looks:

Everyone should have the opportunity to grow in the Word regardless of their location, schedule, or budget. Period. 

The content that is shared in this 10-day course is necessary to understand the basics and feel comfortable beginning the process of Bible journaling. This course answers almost all of the beginner questions that I have answered since starting this ministry.

Will Future Courses Be Free?

Future courses will have a small fee associated with them, but they’re not necessary courses. They will build upon this foundational course. We continue to share technique videos on our YouTube, which are free! We also give away a monthly freebie printable (valued at $4.99) to everyone who is on our email list. If you take this course, you’ll automatically be signed up for that freebie. Yay!

Can I Share This Course?

Yes. You can share this free Bible journaling course…but share this page only. Please don’t share any of the course pages or freebies that we mail you. It’s unfair to the person that you’re sending it to because they miss out on our special announcements and other freebies.

Can I Unsubscribe?

Absolutely! Just click the “unsubscribe” link on any of our emails and you will give your seat up. You won’t receive any emails or get notifications from us including our monthly freebies.

What Do I Need to Download the Files?

You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download our free files. Most computers already have it installed. However, if yours does not, you can download it for free on their website.

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