Free Bibles – 10 Ways to Obtain a Free Copy of the Holy Bible

free bibles

Here at Bible Journaling Ministries, we get lots of requests for free Bibles, especially the journaling Bibles. We believe the best way to distribute Bibles is through organizations that specialize in the distribution of Bibles, like Bibles for the World. We have an ongoing partnership with them to distribute Bibles to unreached people. These people do not have the resources that many of us here in the US have. They do not have access to the Internet or they do not have access to the FREE resources we have listed below. Because of this, we have prioritized their needs, so that the Word of God can reach the unreached people of this world.

We also provide Bibles to certain ministries and churches who distribute Bibles locally when we are financially able to do so.

Finally, we do multiple giveaways throughout the year on our social media channels, like this one that’s currently going on.

While we do read every request for a Bible, as a very small business, we are unable to accommodate providing a Bible or journaling Bible to every requestor. In fact, we teach that you don’t need a journaling Bible to get started with Bible journaling in our FREE 10-Day Bible Journaling Course for beginners. The only thing that you need is access to the Word via the Internet, a pen, and a pencil. Don’t let not having a journaling Bible get in the way of you building your relationship with the Lord through Bible journaling.

Free Bibles – Physical Copies

You have access to the Word if you are reading this post. While it may be your desire to have a physical copy of the Bible, please be careful what you ask for. Sometimes organizations that provide FREE Bibles will provide one to you that incomplete, has additional Scripture, or has Scripture removed or changed. Do your homework and make sure the Bible translation you are reading is one approved by your local church.

Where to get a free Bible:

  • Your local church – most churches have Bibles that they provide to their congregation. Ask your local church if they will provide one to you. It may not be a journaling Bible, but you can journal in a notebook or in a standard Bible (again…this is what we teach in our FREE class mentioned above).
  • Bibles for America – this organization provides Bibles at no charge and with free shipping.
  • Your local library – many libraries have copies of the Bible to give away or to borrow. My library has them for free at the front of the building.
  • Thrift store – Every time I go to my local thrift store there is one on the shelf for free or priced .99-$6 before discounts. Check your thrift store!!!
  • Local businesses – Some local businesses give Bibles away. In fact, I was recently at Little Dealer Little Prices here in Phoenix, and they had a huge bin of brand new free Bibles in NIV paperback versions at the front of the store. Plus they put one in every RV they sell. How awesome is that? Call your local businesses, dentists, or doctors and see if they have them to give out to their customers.
  • Family member – Ask a friend or family member for one of their extra copies.
  • Dollar Tree – while not for free…it’s almost free. The Dollar tree and .99 store sells Holy Bibles for only $1. You can use those for Bible journaling too! See our video on making your own three-ring binder Bible for $2.

Free Online Bible Resources:

We personally use each of these free resources. While there are many that are out there, these are the ones that we recommend and have experience using.

  • Bible Gateway: Online Bible in many translations including devotionals and reading plans.
  • Blue Letter Bible: A great study tool that also has the Bible in many translations as well as additional resources such as multiple verse retrieval, devotionals, commentaries, and more.
  • YouVersion Bible App: The YouVersion Bible app has 2,062 Bible versions in 1,372 languages for free, and without advertising. It also has study plans and devotionals for many topics.

I hope this resource helped you find a Bible to start your journey with.