I put together a list of my top 10 Christmas gifts for 2021 for those of us who enjoy Bible journaling as well as where the best places are to purchase them. I would love to know what’s on your wish list, so please let me know in the comments below! If you purchase something using an affiliate link in this post, we may get a small portion of the sale which helps support our ministry. Thank you so much for your support! To jump right to our 2021 gift recommendations, click here. Or you can read more about each product below. I’ve also included videos of the Bibles to help as well if you scroll down to the bottom of this post.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2021

1. New Journaling Bibles ($25-$50)

There’s something about getting a new journaling Bible for Christmas that makes me smile. A brand new Bible that can be used to document your studies and time in the Word is a perfect gift for any Bible journaler. A few of the recent releases that I recommend include:

  1. The Hope and Encouragement Bible: This Bible includes 52 devotions & more than 250 DaySpring inspirations. It really does live up to its name! You can purchase this Bible on DaySpring or Amazon.
  2. Inspire Prayer Giant Print: If you’re looking for a Bible that already has images to color in, I love the Inspire Prayer Bible in the Giant print edition. You can purchase it on Amazon.
  3. The latest Illustrating Bible, which includes The Gospels, can be purchased at DaySpring and on Amazon.

2. Cutting Machines ($250-$370)

A cutting machine can save you money over the long haul if you like cutting out stickers, making your own stencils, and doing other DIY projects.

  • Silhoutte Cameo– I’ve owned a Silhouette since they came out sometime around 2011.  I’ve only replaced it once and that’s not because it broke. It’s because I wanted two blades instead of the one my original has. My original is still working 🙂 The silhouette has a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out, it truly is a workhorse. Find the latest version on.
  • Cricut – I used to own about five Cricut machines. Now I own zero. Once I got my Silhouette, I discovered that I didn’t need the Cricut anymore. It took a few years for Cricut to catch up and I haven’t invested in a new one since my Silhouette does everything I need it to. I may decide to get the latest Cricut Maker just so I can help answer questions when people have them, plus it has a bunch of other functionality that I may find useful like etching and fabric cutting.

3. Bible Journaling Ministries Books or Momentum Membership ($10-$25)

I can’t share a list of neat Christmas gifts without recommending our products! This year we released The Women of the Bible Coloring book in 8.5″x11″ and 9″x6″ sizes. We also have the Bible Journaling for Kids, This is My Story Hymnal, and Breaking Free journals still available.

The Momentum membership is our flagship program that includes everything you need for Bible journaling digitally at your fingertips. There are hundreds of videos, printables, devotionals, and more that you get instant access to. Each month you get:

  • Five-part devotional on topics designed to build knowledge, self-confidence, and faith (scroll down for a list of topics that are available immediately)
  • Five Bible journaling kits that go along with each section of the devotional
  • Five videos – one for each section of the devotional
  • Coordinating Traveler’s Notebook Inserts
  • Classes on using certain mediums or techniques  in your Bible
  • Immediate access to all Beginner’s and Next Level courses
  • Every available product listed in our store
  • Access to products not listed in our store

4. Watercolors ($40-$60)

I’ve had my Kuretake watercolors for almost five years now and they’re still going strong. It is my “go to” for watercolors. I’m almost out of pink and yellow which are my two favorite colors. Hobby Lobby often has 40-50% off their Master’s Touch watercolor set and that’s a great deal too!

5. Acrylic Paint (.50-$50)

I’m a huge fan of acrylic paint in my Bible. The Arteza set is super nice and includes 60 colors that will last for years if all you use them for is Bible journaling. Don’t forget that Walmart sells Apple Barrel paints for under .60 each. Grab a handful of them and some paint brushes for a simple and inexpensive gift.

6. Gel Crayons ($7-10)

My friend sent me a set of the Mr. Pen gel crayons and I love them. They go on smooth, blend well, and don’t bleed through the Bible. They’re also cheap! I have the 20 count set and it’s just a few dollars more than the smaller set.

7. Sticker Paper ($8-$63)

You can’t go wrong with sticker paper. When you make your own stickers, you can save 75%-90% depending on what you’re used to buying. Here are the brands I recommend:

8. Pens ($12-24)

I love pens and I’m always looking for ones that work well with Bible journaling. Here are my favorites:

9. Stencils ($9-$13)

I like to make my own stencils, but sometimes I find bulk packs that make it way cheaper to buy them than make them. Here are a few that I’ve found:

Don’t forget the ink or acrylic paint!

10. Artza Box ($51+)

The Artza box is by far one of my favorite subscription boxes because I’d love to visit Isreal, but right now It’s not gonna happen. This Christian subscription box follows the footsteps of Jesus, is curated from local small businesses in Israel, and comes once per quarter. I’ve reviewed a few boxes so scroll down for examples of what I’ve received in the past.  Be sure to use Artza coupon code BJM15 or ARTZATRACIEROLLINS if you’d like 15% off your order here using our affiliate link: https://www.artzabox.com/?rfsn=5840864.91029f – please note that you can also get a free box when you sign up for an entire year. What a deal!

Bonus: God’s Fingerprint Prints (Free – $80)

I have a print of God’s Fingerprint in my house and it always gets my visitors talking. A truly unique piece of artwork, with one verse from every book of the Bible. Each verse is hand-drawn within a fingerprint. The verse on the bottom is Genesis 1:1 (“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”) and it continues all the way to Revelation (“Hallelujah!”). This fingerprint is entirely hand-drawn with one verse from each of the sixty-six books of the Bible. It really is a neat piece of art. I love that they’re offering 12 free prints to everyone. You could print these out, put them in a frame, and gift them for Christmas. What a deal!


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