I love tiny Bible journaling because it gives me the opportunity to Bible journal when I have limited time in the day.tiny bible journaling I’m a mom of two busy boys and three fur babies, a wife, a full-time writer, a friend, a daughter,  and I run this ministry. I do my best to stay healthy, which means that I get to the gym, try to cook decent meals, and keep my house somewhat decent. I’m pretty busy, but I try to bible journal daily as part of my spiritual practice. Some days it’s really hard to make the time to get into the Word, but I do my best to prioritize it. Here’s how I get my Bible journaling in on those busy days!

Create a Habit

I prefer to Bible journal in the morning. I usually wake the kids up, run downstairs, grab some water, walk the dogs, kiss the kids goodbye as they make their way to school, and find my Bible journaling spot. This routine helps me remember to Bible journal because it’s done Monday through Friday. On the weekends I usually get my Bible journaling done before everyone wakes up.

Revelations - tiny bible journaling Psalms - tiny bible journalingJohn - tiny bible journaling

Create a Special Spot

I have multiple special spots around the house where my Bibles reside. One spot is on the couch, one is where the kids study (so I can journal with them while they study), one is next to my bed, and the other one is in my studio. Having at least one special spot where you can leave your supplies makes it easy to get started. No need to lug everything out.

Every one of my spots has a Bible and different supplies. In the kid’s study area I have colored pencils and gel pens. The kids often use my supplies during their study when they have special projects to work on. By the bed, I keep a water brush and travel watercolors. My studio has everything including multiple Bibles to study.

John - tiny bible journaling John - tiny bible journaling Colossians - tiny bible journaling

Keep it Simple

When you’re busy the best thing to do is keep your Bible journaling simple. I use the GOD method when I journal. I pray and ask for Growth, then I read and Observe, and then I Draw, illustrate, trace, or paint. Some days the art part is a matter of a couple swipes of paint and I’m done. For me, it’s always about learning the Word and connecting my creativity to what I’ve observed.

It’s amazing how Bible journaling helps me retain what I’ve learned, but it doesn’t surprise me. There are multiple studies on engaging both sides of your brain for learning. Adding a little bit of creativity to your study of the Word will likely help you with retention as well. Especially if you’ve struggled with the Bible in the past like me.

Romans - tiny bible journaling Psalms - tiny bible journaling Psalms - tiny bible journaling

Tiny Bible Journaling

Because tiny Bibles are so tiny, you don’t need much time to add the creativity to your study. In the examples below, I used a little bit of paint for the background and a few other elements to add some character. That’s all! Each page was probably done in less than five minutes.

Psalms - tiny bible journaling Psalms - tiny bible journaling

Are you a fan of Tiny bible journaling? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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