I love Bible journaling in my Bible, but sometimes I like to journal outside of it too.Bible Journal Without a Journaling BibleThere are many reasons why you may not want to journal in your Bible, and that’s ok! You don’t need a journaling Bible to spend time in the Word through Bible journaling. I say this in the free beginner’s course. You only need a piece of paper, writing instrument, and access to the Word. But, if you’d like to try other ways to Bible journal without a journaling Bible, Here are a few options to consider.

9 Ways to Bible Journal Without a Journaling Bible


A composition book or spiral bound notebook works fine for capturing your art and ideas as you dive deep into the Word. They’re often inexpensive and can be found for as little as 49 cents during back-to-school sales.

War Binder 2

Mixed Media Book

Bible journaling in a mixed media book is by far my favorite way of Bible journaling without a journaling Bible. You can use paint, watercolors, gelatos, and ink without worrying about bleedthrough or the need to gesso the page. Here are a few examples of my Bible journaling in a Strathmore Mixed Media journal (affiliate link).


Planners are a perfect way to engage with Scripture daily. You can journal in the margins or in the section for today’s tasks and meetings. I’ve Bible journaled in plenty of planners. Too bad I don’t keep them. Maybe I will this time.

Woodland Stickers


If I’m waiting on a friend for lunch, I’ll read my Bible app and spend some time doodling on a napkin. These almost always get tossed because I get so lost in our conversation that I forget that I drew on my napkin.

Scrap Piece of Paper

Sometimes I journal on post-it notes or scrap pieces of paper. Sometimes these scraps of journaling get placed in y Bible, but usually, they get lost in my purse. Here are a few Bible journaling entries on watercolor paper.


Other Books

I have a few hymnals that I occasionally use to Bible journal on. I love the look of music notes behind my drawings. These are perfect for framing and gift giving too!

Now Unto Him


Bible journaling on a tag is perfect for expressing what you’re reading while also creating something that you can put in your Bible or give away. Imagine spending time meditating on Scripture while creating tags. Can you feel the peacefulness of it all? Then, when you’re in a pinch for a gift, you can bundle those tags together for a gift, use one as a card, or place it on a gift. How awesome is that?

Standard Bible

I’m a collector of Bibles. Every time I see one at the thrift store, I pick it up and consider purchasing it. They’re almost always $3 or $1.50 if it’s half-price day. Of course, I don’t buy them all, mostly because I’d like to stay married. But I also like to leave some behind for others to purchase.


Tiny Bible

Sometimes I find tiny Bibles at the thrift store too. I love journaling in tiny Bibles because less space means that I have no excuse to skip time in the Word or my Bible journaling practice. I can get into the Word daily, create a cute Bible journaling entry, and feel good about it.


What other ways do you Bible journal without a journaling Bible? I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below.

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