Have you been thinking about hosting a bible journaling event? Good for you! It’s fairly easy to pull together a successful Bible journaling event if you’re inspired and committed. There really isn’t a better way to bring your favorite Scriptures to life, surrounded by like-minded people. Together you’ll learn more about the process, all the while enjoying each another’s company.

How to Host a Bible Journaling Eventbible journal event

Here are a few ideas that will help you host a great bible journaling event. Before we begin, make sure that the people you understand what Bible journaling is about. You can take our Bible Journaling for Beginners class absolutely free. Creating, posting and sharing a few photos of bible journaling prior to the event will help.

Have a Partner

Hosting any kind of event is more fun and a lot easier if you have a friend you can partner with. Together you can divvy up tasks like responding to RSVPs, picking up snacks and drinks, supplies and more. Setting up an event without a partner isn’t impossible, but it’s is a lot easier if you can get help before, during and after the event.

What to Bring

First of all, let anyone you know who is new to bible journaling that, while they’re nice to have, it’s not necessary to have a Bible journal – even a standard notebook will work. That said, most eventually switch to a “journaling” Bible with wide margins or blank pages like the interleaved Bible. To learn which Bible is best for you, try out our Bible journal selection tool.

Next, have everyone bring a few things like watercolor pencils, colored pencils, stickers, stamps and stamp pads, glitter glue, Washi tape, etc. You can also have some extra supplies on hand and you can actually find a lot of great supplies at your local Dollar store. When it comes to supplies, the more the merrier. You could also charge a small fee per person, say $5 each, if you need help covering costs.

Choose a Scripture

It’s easier if you have Scripture available so the entire group can study the same thing. Consider using the main message from your church so that everyone is familiar with the lesson.

Have Samples Ready

If you have samples or know someone who Bible journals frequently, have a few examples available at your bible journaling event. Our Pinterest page has many samples sorted by the book of the Bible to help provide inspiration. Sharing your examples with your guests will help inspire them. It’s also a good idea to have supplies that you used to create the example available as well.


You can host your bible journaling event just about anywhere including your home, your church, the library, local scrapbook store.  During nice weather, you can meet at a local park that has picnic tables and maybe a playground for the kids.

Important Tips

Here are a couple of things to share with your friends who plan on attending your Bible journaling evening. They don’t need to be an artist to Bible journal – just inspired. Can’t draw? No problem – just use stamps and stickers, trace designs or use Washi tape. You don’t need fancy supplies either. The fact is that the best Bible journaling isn’t forced. It comes from reading, and being inspired by, God’s Word and each other.

Using the tips mentioned here will help ensure that your bible journaling event is a success. By success we mean that you have a wonderful time with awesome people, sharing their love of God through collective, artistic inspiration.


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