I’ve scoured the Internet for the best Bible journaling ideas for Easter that celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bookmark or Pin this page so that you reference it as you journal in the month of April. From easy 10-minute or less Bible journal entries to elaborate works of art, you’re sure to find something you love.

Bible Journaling Ideas for Easter

1. Use colored pencil to draw the empty tomb

2. Illustrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ

3. Trace a coloring book page

4. Watercolor He is Risen

5. Work on your lettering

6. Stamp images on your Easter page

7. Journal in a notebook

8. Use a mask and splatter paint on your Bible journaling page

9. Make words part of the illustration

10. Use Washi tape

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is detailed the four gospels. In short, Jesus is crucified and placed in a tomb (likely heavily guarded due to the controversy around his resurrection). On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, Jesus’ mother Mary, her sister, and Mary Magdalene took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb only to discover it empty. They were frightened by what appeared to be two angels to explained that Jesus has risen. Read the gospels to go deeper into the details and appearances of Jesus before ascending to Heaven.

I love Easter and not because of the cute bunnies or chick crafting. It’s because this is the month where Christians celebrate the rise of Christ. As a Christian, I and my brothers and sisters in Christ celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. This is two days after Good Friday, which is the day Jesus was crucified.

I thank God every day for Jesus who bridges the gap between sin and the presence of our Father. Through Jesus, I can have a wonderful relationship with God.

This month I’ll spend extra time in the Gospels and reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. I’ll review these Bible journaling ideas for Easter and create something that is uniquely my own. If you’d like more ideas for Easter, follow us on Pinterest. Here you’ll find beautiful works of Bible journaling art cataloged by book of the Bible and so much more.


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