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Meet Amanda Hargrove! Amanda hosts a swapping bible journaling group where members swap things like washi tape, paperclips and  Bible journaling supplies. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for details on how you can join! Here is her Bible Journaling Story!share your bible journaling story amanda

How did you discover Bible Journaling?

Through Instagram posts

How has Bible journaling changed you, your life, or your walk with God?
I have grown closer to the Lord by wanting to spend time in His word by wanting to be creative with His words. I find myself somewhat of a creative person, and if I can spend time in the word using that creativity and even grow closer to Him by memorizing scripture and writing out scripture as well, then I don’t think I’d rather spend my crafting time doing anything else.

What’s your favorite Bible journaling technique?
I’m still very new to the whole process, but I am enjoying watercolors and clear stamps. I’m sure that might change down the road.

What is one recommendation you have for others who are getting into Bible journaling?

Be patient, but don’t be afraid to jump right in. Do some research, ask questions, join Facebook groups and watch YouTube. There are so many resources out there for you to learn and not be afraid to start.

What else would you like to share:
I am a happily married mom of two. My son has special needs of Down Syndrome and Autism. My daughter also has Tourette’s. My children are my joy. My husband is my rock. The Lord is my everything, and I couldn’t live this life without His strength and Him loving me unconditionally and all my mess ups. I fail Him every day, but He loves me anyway.

I have been truly blessed by what Tracie has done with the Bible Journaling Ministries group. I’ve learned so much from her and what she’s shared along the way. Her techniques are amazing, and I thank the Lord for sending her to us.

I’ve started what I guess you could call a ministry on Facebook with a group of ladies where we host a monthly swap of Bible Journaling supplies/goodies to help each other increase our inventory and just lift each other up along this journey. My main goal was just to get woman together and share items, get to know each other and pray for one another. That’s the most important part of it all. If we aren’t bonded together by prayer, then what good are we to one another as Christians. I love the sweet ladies in our group and hope to grow in time. To join Amanda’s Bible journaling group: click here.

What’s your favorite verse of the Bible and why?
Philippians 4:13 Without Christ’s strength, I am nothing.
Psalm 143:8 It’s just such an uplifting verse and reminder of his unfailing love and that we’ve put our trust in him.


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