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I love Bible journaling supplies. There. I’ve said it. I like to buy them, display them, give them away, and use them. Occasionally, I’ll come across supplies that my head tells me are too precious to use. Really head? It’s paper!!! So today I challenged myself to use my latest haul in seven different and creative ways. The last one is super creative!!! Scroll down if you don’t wanna wait!

Bible Journaling Supplies Haul

A few days ago, DaySpring sent me three boxes with their newest Bible journaling releases. It was like Christmas! Curious what was in the boxes?

Here’s the unboxing video if you want to see more:

7 Ways To Use Your Bible Journaling Supplies

After I finished unboxing all of those DaySpring goodies, I started thinking about all the things I could create. There are literally endless possibilities! But…since time is limited, I decided to challenge myself by creating seven different projects.

IMPORTANT! These projects will have video tutorials on YouTube and Facebook – so be sure to subscribe to those channels.

#1 Bible Journaling Entry

Obviously, the first thing I did with the new Beloved Society releases is use them in my Bible. I had such a busy day and almost decided not to Bible journal. Then I remembered the same advice I give to everyone else. So I made a quick and easy Bible journaling entry. It took me less than five minutes! No paint. Just adhesive, a pen, and the Beloved Society Bible journaling supplies.

#2 Planner Setup

I love my Studio 71 planner. It’s so fancy and functional. I decided to get a head start on September’s entry by decorating it with the Beloved Society Bible journaling supplies. I think it turned out great. Do you?

#3 Traveler’s Notebook

I made a traveler’s notebook out of one piece of 12×12 paper and some graph paper I picked up at the thrift store. I’m always amazed at what I can find! This traveler’s notebook was mailed to a special friend of mine today. I hope she likes it!

#4 Cards!!!!

I’m always giving away and sending out cards these days. I had a little bit of leftover paper from the traveler’s notebook, so I thought it would be perfect for cards. Two down! Both were sent in the mail today too.

#5 Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

I had a few scrap pieces of cardstock that I didn’t want to throw out, so I made a ATC that I gave to my sister with a necklace I also made her. Nope, it’s not her birthday. I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have her as a sister. An no…she’ll never read this post so I can say that without having to pay for it later – ha…ha….


A friend of mine posted in the Bible Journaling for Beginner’s Facebook Community that she was looking for some bookmarks for her ministry. I love that she’s reaching out to Christian and those who are not yet saved. So I spent about 40 minutes creating these bookmarks for her. I love that I can use my creative gifts and resources for outreach to other women.

#7 Jewelry

My sister made me a piece of jewelry for Christmas one year. I get tons of compliments on it, pretty much every time I wear it. So today I thought it would be fun to make her something special too. I used the last of my scraps from the Traveler’s notebook, cards, and ATC cards to create this cute pendant. I hope she loves it as much as I do. If not… she can always regift it back to me. I don’t mind!!!!

Bonus Idea: Make a Journal

Dayspring also sent me the Childlike Faith New Releases. These are fantastic too! I can’t wait to dive into these Bible journaling supplies. I’m thinking of covering this composition book to start.

Go Beyond the Bible

When it comes to using up your Bible journaling supplies, definitely use them in your Bible, but don’t limit yourself to your Bible. Use both your gifts and resources to create beautiful things that encourage and inspire others.

To purchase any of the Bible journaling supplies you’ve seen in this post visit Dayspring using our affiliate links. Thank you in advance!


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