If you’re new to Bible journaling, these Bible journaling tips will help introduce you to a new way of appreciating the written Word.

Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners

Bible journaling provides an uplifting way to connect with your favorite Bible verses and inspired to appreciate other verses, creatively. While initially, writing notes or adding artistic embellishments to your Bible may feel a bit intimidating, the process can bring you closer to God and the scriptures.

Choosing Your Bible

To get started, you don’t have to use an actual journaling Bible – a plain journal will do just fine. You can also experiment with an existing Bible that you have lying around.Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners

If you plan on continuing with Bible journaling, investing in a journaling Bible will not only be more convenient but having the margins (which is the main difference between a journaling Bible and a regular one) will give you space to be more artistic. Take time to check out a variety of options online, looking for ones with wide margins, good sized print, and thicker paper if you plan on getting creative with pens, pencils, erasers, etc. Click here to see our recommendations.

Choose a Verse to Start With

Visit Pinterest or Google and search for “Bible verses” to gather creative ideas via images. Most people find it easier to sketch something if they have a drawing or photo for inspiration. I like to open my Bible and randomly pick a verse then use Pinterest for inspiration if I’m not immediately inspired. On our Pinterest Page you can view Bible Journaling entries by each book of the Bible.

Choosing Pens

There are some fantastic pens available today depending on what your needs are. If you have a favorite pen, one that feels good in your hand and writes well, use it. If you’re ready to jump into the Bible journaling, go for it and delve into the many choices available to you. When it comes to Bible journaling tips related to pens and pencils, a good choice would be acid-free, waterproof India inks, available in eye-catching, vibrant colors. I use Micron pens. After nice pens, pencils in different colors should be on your list of starter supplies. I use Prisma as well as less expensive brands. Click here for what I use.

Stickers & Stamps

Using stickers and stamps provides creative ways to engage with scripture and are available in a variety of themes. Since some Bible pages are thin, you’ll want to choose stickers that are also on the thin size, unless you like the bulky look. So many people do!

Using stamps is also a popular way to enhance Bible journaling, especially the clear stamps. Using clear stamps and a clear stamping block also makes it easier to accurately place the stamps.

You can also use digital stamps and templates. Make sure that you check the designers terms and conditions before you trace the image. Some designers don’t allow that. But, we do! We have free templates every month if you’re on our mailing list.

Glitter Glue

When it comes to Bible journaling tips, glitter glue or Stickles will bring out your inner child and is fun and easy to use. Use white (or other soft colors) glitter glue to accent a special drawing you added in your journaling Bible’s margins or lightly smudge over a treasured verse.

Washi Tape

This versatile tape provides a fast and easy way to add a nice decoration to your Bible. Add a strip here and there to personalize the pages or create an edge along your favorite pages to make them easier to find.

Learn to Let Go

Perhaps one of the most important Bible journaling tips of all – learn to let go. Bible journaling is not about being perfect – it’s about spending time with God by reading his Word, a blessing that is not about perfectionism! Allow yourself to listen to your heart and let your thoughts and feelings wander freely in peace.


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