Bible journaling has become a popular, creative process that provides an enlightening way to connect with God through art and scripture. bible journaling watercolorsThere’s no real need for artistic abilities – just focus on creating a deeper connection with God. If you do, the skill will eventually come. To start, all you need is a Bible; any Bible will do. If you plan on sticking with it, you’ll probably want to pick up a Bible that’s specifically made for journaling with wide margins leaving plenty of space to pen your inspirations. Next, besides a pen, invest in some special supplies, including an assortment of Bible journaling watercolors. Here are a few recommendations.

Bible Journaling Watercolors

When it comes to watercolors, you don’t need to stick with the standard cake palletes. They’re wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But, if you dabble with watercolors here and there, you may already have what you need.

Cake Watercolor Palettes

These Bible journaling watercolors offer an easy way to add vibrant color to your pages, and they’re also easy to use. The fact that you can mix up colors means that you’ll have a lot of different hues to create with. The Kuretake Gansai Tambi Water Colors, 36-Color Set is my favorite.


These are a great multi-purpose medium when it comes to Bible journaling watercolors. Gellatos can be transformed into watercolors by just adding a bit of water (they’re also easy to blend), make a perfect surface area over the paper, making it possible to draw over it with other mediums, keeping them from bleeding through. Another nice benefit is that it gellatos don’t affect text so you’ll still be able to read your Bible. They also provide a quick and easy way to apply color, far easier than colored pencils. Once they dry, they create a smooth texture, instead of the chalky feel that dry traditional watercolor paint leaves.The Faber Castell Design Memory Craft 33 Piece Gelato Gift Set is a nice, reasonably priced starter set.

Distress Inks

Distress inks are water-based dyes that are frequently used for Bible journaling. The inks provide vibrant hues, and they’re easy to blend. Because when distress inks become dry, they leave a smooth surface and make it possible to write on top of the ink with pens. You can also lightly mix the ink with water if you want to lighten the color, and this his technique can also be used to create a mottled effect. Ranger makes distress inks in a variety of colors.

Dye Inks

This medium is also water based and while most love the colors they can create, the downside of dye inks is that they can be messy to work with. They’re really wet and will soak through paper. That said, if you’re creating something that you think could look good from both sides, go for it. Tsukineko makes a 12-piece assortment of Memento Dew Drops. I’ve had this set for years. Perhaps 10 years and it’s still going strong.

Water Color Pencils

When it comes to Bible journaling watercolors, watercolor pencils are definitely something you should invest in. They look just like regular colored pencils until you add water, which transforms them into beautiful watercolors. You can get Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils that basically turn into vibrant ink once water is added. They also make a watercolor pencil set that has 5 star reviews.

Which Bible Journaling Watercolors Should You Use?

You can actually use any of the mediums mentioned here on your Bible journaling path. If you’re a beginner, I’d start with water color pencils. That way you can color with pencils with or without water.  Then purchase dye ink or distress ink if you’re a stamper. That way you can use them for dual purposes as well.

You’ll eventually want to try Gellatos, one of my all-time favorites when it comes to Bible journaling watercolors. Gellatos are versatile and are easily transformed into watercolors if you add a bit of water. They’re perfect for adding a background color and are super easy to use.

Share what you’ve learned in this guide to Bible journaling watercolors with your friends and family and find out why so many people are enjoying this inspiring new way to truly appreciate God’s Word.


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