I spent some time this week doing some Bible Journaling in the books of Psalms, John, Zephaniah, Jonah, Proverbs, Isaiah and Esther. I tried out some unique methods in some of these entries and invite you to get creative with your Bible Journaling as well.

I had a lot of fun doing this Bible Journaling entry in the book of Psalms. This entry features my Inspire Bible and colored pencils.


Today, I spent some time doing a Bible Journaling entry in the book of John. I did this entry in shades of blue gel pens.


I hope you enjoy this Bible Journaling entry. It comes out of the book of Zephaniah. You can recreate it in this style by using colored pencils and washi tape.


I love highlighting an important verse like I did with this Bible Journaling entry from the book of Jonah. The gel pens I used added some sheen to this entry.


Who said Bible Journaling entries have to stop at the margins? This one from the book of Proverbs certainly didn’t. I used watercolors and doodling stars all over the page.


This passage in Isaiah had a really prominent theme that was just perfect for this Bible Journaling entry. I used a resist technique and a white crayon for a really unique look.


This Bible Journaling entry in the book of Esther shows really unique way to make a passage stand out. I’ve worked on my Galaxy painting skills with watercolors here.



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