This week I chose to complete Bible Journaling entries from the books of Psalms, Romans, Colossians, and John. I used the Illustrated Faith Kit a few times this week. I invite you to take a minute to see my review of it below. I’ve provided links to supplies if you’d like to support our ministry with your purchase.

Ready for more tiny Bible Journaling entries? I did this entry in the book of Psalms using watercolors in warm colors.


I’m able to try unique techniques in these tiny Bible Journaling entries. I used gold Washi Tape and Gold Watercolors in this entry in Psalms.


Continuing on in the tiny Bible Journaling series, Today, I got a little green on this page so I added in the pink to give it a bit of a camo look. How do you think it turned out?


I loved using these cool tinted watercolors and washi tape to enhance this section of Psalms in my tiny Bible.


This is the next Bible Journaling entry in my Tiny Bible series. It comes from the book of Romans and uses the Illustrated Faith Tab. To achieve this look, I used watercolors and washi tape.


This Bible Journaling entry came from the book of Colossians. To get this look I used a mixture of watercolors, Washi tape, and the Illustrated Faith Tab.


I love how this tiny Bible journaling entry in the book of John turned out! I created the crown of thorns using watercolors.




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