This week I chose to complete Bible Journaling entries from the books of Hebrews, Psalms, Matthew, 1 Corinthians, and some other special entries. I used the Illustrated Faith Kit a few times this week. I invite you to take a minute to see my review of it below. I’ve provided links to supplies if you’d like to support our ministry with your purchase.

Get a close up look at the mini book I made using the new Preservere Illustrated Faith Kit. I’ve shared my thoughts on this kit here.

Illustrated Faith Kit

The bible you use makes all the difference in Bible Journaling entries. I love how this one from my Inspire Bible and in the book of Hebrews looks with colored pencils.


How did it turn out? I tried making paint splatters with watercolors in this Bible Journaling entry in the book of Psalms. I used a straw to splatter it and added a few stickers.


In this entry, I worked in my Illustrated Faith Kit Devotional. My Bible Journaling supplies go with me when I travel. I wrap them around plastic kitchen mats to keep them organized. I shared what I thought of this kit here.

Illustrated Faith Kit


I’m a big fan of these Dollar Store ball point pens I used for this Bible Journaling entry in the book of Matthew. I’ve simply taken notes on my church message here.


A little work went a long way in this Bible Journaling entry in the book of 1 Corinthians. It comes from the Inspire Bible.

1 Corinthians

During my study in the book of Psalms today, I added this tip into my Bible Journaling entry.



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