Are you a Bible nerd? I am! So when Illustrated Faith launched their Word Nerd Bible journaling kit, I about fell out of my chair with excitement. As soon as I got it, I filmed then unboxing video, dove deep into the devotional cards, and created really fun Bible journaling art. Scroll down for the unboxing and review videos. In the review video, I share how to create this Bible nerd journal.Bible Nerd Journal To purchase Word Nerd Bible journaling kit and support our ministry, please use this affiliate link: Click Here purchase Word Nerd

Free Word Nerd Bonus

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The Life of a Bible Nerd

The life of a Bible nerd is joyous, but it does have it’s trials too! Sometimes more than I can bear. When the days or seasons of trial come upon me (and most Bible nerds), I am comforted by the loving grace that’s poured out from God who gives it so freely. I simply open my Bible and dive deep into the Word. His message is always perfect and seems to be exactly what I need at that given moment.
Word Nerd PlannerTo be truthful, I wasn’t always a Bible nerd. In fact, the Bible was the perfect tool to put me to sleep at night. One chapter in and I’d be out like a light. Unless of course, I was reading Revelations.  I tried so many things to up my nerd game including in-depth studies that included many from Beth Moore. But, at the end of the day, my retention and desire waned. That is until I discovered Bible journaling.
Allowing myself the freedom to express what I’m reading and learning in Scripture through art opened doors that I never thought were possible. I didn’t know that I could retain the word without constant memorization, long studies, and endless hours. All of which were boring and seemed like work rather than joy. After a few short months of Bible journaling, I can now show a picture I’ve illustrated and I can share the story of the scene without having to read the verses. It’s amazing how far I’ve come and inspiring to see how others have gone further!

Embracing your inner Bible Nerd

Does being a Bible nerd seem like something you’d like to embrace? Why not give it a whirl? All you need is access to the Word, paper, and pen. If you’re reading this blog on the Internet then you have access to a multitude of free Bible resources.Bible Nerd Word Nerd Entry
Start by opening up the Bible and reading any page. Since I’m the type of girl that likes to know how things end, I started with the book of Revelations. I love how action-packed it is and the ending is simply amazing! Spoiler alert – we win! If you’d like to tip-toe into your journey, try Genesis, Psalms, or Matthew to start.
When you add Bible journaling to your practice, you’ll start to engage your right-side of your brain too. There’s science behind activating both sides of your brain at the same time to increase knowledge and retention. You’ll be surprised at how many stories and lessons you’ll retain.
As you begin recalling the stories that you’ve Bible journaled, you’ll share more with others and you’ll likely want to dive deeper into understanding more. Welcome to your Bible nerd. I think you’ve found her!

Let Your Bible Nerd Free (With Style)

Once you’ve found your Bible nerd, be sure to share her with others. I get a lot of questions about my Bible journaling when folks see me coloring or illustrating. Most of the time people just walk up to me or post a question on my blog. Other times I’m sharing the good news and opening new doors for others. It’s really cool to evangelize this way.
And while you’re at it. Let her run in style! I’m loving this latest line of Bible journaling organizational bags and pouches by Dayspring. You can find the entire selection here.

Make Beautiful  Things Organizational Bag
Have Washi Will Travel Kangaroo Pouch
Do Everything in Love Canvas Bag
Hope Multi-ribbon Bookmarks

Word Nerd Bible Journaling Review and Unboxing

If you made it this far, congratulations! I hope you enjoy the unboxing and review videos. Be sure to check out the quick process video at the end that shows how to make the Bible nerd journal.

More Projects with Word Nerd

Here are some other fun projects I did with this kit. I hope you like them 🙂

word nerd cards    word nerd bible kit cards    word nerd mini book

Are You Ready to Declare?

I’d love to know how many Bible nerds are out there. Please declare your nerdiness in the comments below!


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