God’s Promises Can Be Trusted

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This is the Promises of God Podcast, and I’m your host, Tracie Rollins. This podcast is about you, your ability to hear and believe and take action on God’s promises in your life because all of God’s promises are yes and amen. Resources mentioned in today’s episode can be found on PromisesOfGodPodcast.com. Now, let’s get started.

Welcome back to the promises of God podcast, episode number three. My name is Tracie Rollins. Thank you so much for spending time with me as we learn and take action on God’s promises in life. This series is about having your best year ever and work working out of the momentum devotional offered by Bible Journaling Ministries. Today we’re talking about God’s promises. Are verse is Second Corinthians 1:20, and it reads, for however many are the promises of God in him is the yes, therefore also through him is the amen to the glory of God through us. Why does God make promises? The short answer is so that you can trust him. He always keeps his promises. God made a promise to Abraham in Genesis 20:12 that reads, God said to Abraham, don’t let it be grievous in your site because of the boy and because of your servant and all that, Sarah says to you, listen to her voice, for your offspring will be accounted as from Isaac.

So God is promising Abraham a nation. He promises him that all of his offspring will be accounted for from Isaac. So he’s going to use Isaac to build this nation. And later God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son. So we read this. I’m the account of the faith of Abraham in Hebrews, and that is 11:17-19. And that reads by faith, Abraham being tested, offered up Isaac. Yes, he who gladly received the promises was offering up his one and only son, even he to whom it was said, your offspring will be accounted as from Isaac concluding that God is able to raise up even from the dead, figuratively speaking, he also did receive him back from the dead. So Abraham had so much faith and knew that you know when God makes a promise, God’s going to fulfill it. And even if we can’t comprehend it in our head, I mean, obviously Abraham was like, you know, I can’t have, I mean, I can just, some of the things that might’ve gone through Abraham’s had, at least for me, um, if God would have made that promise specifically to me, and then, and then he would ask me to sacrifice one of my sons,I know the first thing out of my head would have been what No Way. Probably I’m, I’m confident that’s what I probably would have said. And then, you know, I would have had to go through a series of, you know, stuff’s basically in my head that just tried to figure out how to get it to make sense, what God was trying to say because of help. Isaac bared children if he’s dead right So Abraham had faith and he believed that God was going to say yes to those promises? He was going to fulfill those promises, which God does. He doesn’t lie, and he was willing to offer up his son. Now, if you read the actual scripture doesn’t actually, we don’t know. We don’t ever see Isaac killed in that situation, so you don’t have to worry about that if you’re, if you’re not familiar with the story, but Abraham offered up his son and um, he just believed that if he did what God told him, God would bring back Isaac from the dead.

You don’t get to see that example, just that scenario working out in my life because I, I don’t know that I would have that kind of faith. And so I pray that God would continue, So he knew that God was going to keep his promises and whatever method God had that Abraham was going to follow. That what an amazing, amazing example of faith. And I love this story because it just shows that God keeps his promises. And I love how Abraham is like; this is not the way that I perceive it to be. Like I could see least myself in that space. Look, Lord, I don’t think this is the way that this is going to happen. Like yeah, if you killed my son, he’s probably to going to bear children. Work in my heart so that I could build the faith that Abraham had.

And I pray that he does that for me because that is just an amazing example of true faith and true trust in God. I would love to sit here on the podcast and tell you today that I would be like,  here’s my son, but I’m not there in my life. I love God. I don’t think he’ll ever ask me to do that. So that’s great. It’s so hard to think about what even Abraham, Sarah, like what, what they went through. Wow, what an amazing story. So there are thousands of promises of God in the Bible. There are promises, eternal life or needs for forgiveness, for finances, for healing and wisdom and guidance, family, children, piece, temptation, protection, fear. There are so many promises in the Bible, and you can find them. I mean just google, like if promises of God related to healing and I’m, I promise you there’ll be verses that pop up and then take your Bible out and look to make sure those are true. I don’t necessarily trust Google when it comes to reading the Bible.

I always open up my Bible to see what it actually has to say, so I’d encourage you to open up your Bible and read what it has to say and see if that’s true for your life. When you decided to change an area of your life, you will realize that there were a ton of roadblocks on your journey, like a lot of them. It is really important to be aware of the problems and mitigate them when you can. Certainly, preparedness is always good. That’s why we talked about planning and the other episodes, but don’t dwell on him. God keeps his promises. If he’s made a promise to you and you believe that this is something that’s going to come to fruition and you have read the Bible and know that this is true and believe this promise is for you, it’s going to happen.

They’re just not going to happen in your time. It may not even happen the way you think it’s going to happen. God has a promise for you. He’s going to deliver it. He never breaks his promises. So focus on them. Focus on the promises that God has for you. And one of the promises that I have is for healing. For example, as I’m looking for things in my life, I want to improve my health. I want to get healthy and want to walk really well. And so I’m praying for healing. One of the verses I turn to Deuteronomy 32:39, and that reads, see now that I myself and heat him, he, there is no god with me.

I kill and make alive. I wound and I heal. There is no one who can deliver out of my hand, so I’m specifically counting on the wound and I heal from my healing. I know that God is my healer and he will heal my legs so that I can walk really awesome just and even if that doesn’t look like what I think it should look like, obviously I think it should look like a newly replaced knee and going through that surgery then healing it, but maybe God has other plans. Maybe before the surgery he will make it not hurt anymore and then I will need the surgery or maybe their surgery won’t go well and I’ll have a different leg or something else to work with. I believe he is my healer. The idea that I have in mind may not be his idea and so I have to believe his promises for healing, but not be so attached to the outcome that I believe is what should happen.

And hope that makes sense. So believe in God, but don’t be attached to the specific outcome that you have in your head. Take some time to look into your Bible and write down some promises related to your goal. Related to what the Holy Spirit has called for you in your heart. Write them down this week and I would encourage you to continue to look back on them each and every time you get discouraged, if there’s a roadblock in your way, if there’s something in your life that’s just like saying that God isn’t going to keep that promise to you, look back on those verses that you wrote, those promises of God related to your goal and be encouraged because he will keep his promise to you. And if you don’t yet feel the love of Christ in your life, I encourage you to invite God into your life today. You are not promised tomorrow, so don’t put this off. It’s important to really pray about this and ask the Holy Spirit into your heart. Romans 6:23 says, the wages of sin is death. We all deserve death. True, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus, our Lord. So turn to him, confess your sins to him, ask him into your heart and follow his will in your life. Thank you so much for tuning in today and I hope to see you in the next episode of the promises of God.

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