This is the promises of God podcast and I’m your host, Tracie Rollins. This podcast is about you, your ability to hear and believe and take action on God’s promises in your life because all of God’s promises are yes and amen. Resources mentioned in today’s episode can be found on Now, let’s get started.

Welcome back to the promises of God podcast, Episode Number 26 my name is Tracie Rollins and I want to thank you so much for spending some time with me as we learn and take action on God’s promises in our lives. This month series is about confidence, and we’re working out of the momentum devotional offered by Bible journaling ministries, and it’s titled Unshakable Confidence. You can learn more about Bible journaling with their free 10-day Bible journaling course at BibleJournalingMinistries.Com okay. Today we’re talking about eight ways you can have more confidence as a Christian and our verse is Psalm Chapter 3:3-6 and it’s from the King James version. It reads, but thou, oh Lord Art, a shield for me, my glory and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill.
As I laid down and slept. I wait for the Lord to sustain me. I will not be afraid of 10 thousands of people that have set themselves against me. Roundabout having confidence isn’t easy. It takes trust that originates with God, belief in Jesus Christ and attentiveness to the intercession of the Holy Spirit. There will be times when your confidence will be tested, but you know exactly what it takes to glorify God when times are tested. There are eight things that I have here that I’ve done in my life that I can share with you that might help you to have a little more confidence and the first thing you might consider doing is reading the Bible. Reading the Bible is a great place to start. Focus on scripture that demonstrates God’s endless love for his children. I love that reflects and goes beyond the love earthly parents have for a child.
When you do this, you will have insight that will encourage confidence being reminded that God created you and loves you, unconditionally nurtures true confidence. And as you read the Bible, you know, consider getting into a regular rhythm. You don’t need a ton of time, you know, five, 10 15 minutes. We’ll do just a regular rhythm of being in the word. Another option, you could try it and started Bible journaling study group and that’s really just going beyond the Bible and studying it closely with a group of people that can really help you to understand and unpack it, maybe apply it to your life and um, really give us some accountability to another option you can do is pray for discernment that God will always be with you as you encounter obstacles, especially in life where we feel like these are so impossible to overcome alone. When we ask in faith, God gives us the wisdom we need at that moment to face any challenge with confidence.
In James One five says, if any of you lacks wisdom, him, ask God who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given to him. Another thing you could do is listen to the Holy Spirit. Listening to the Holy Spirit gives you the insight necessary to increase your confidence. The more time you spend understanding and with the Holy Spirit, the more clearly you will hear his voice. She got to listen carefully. I know that sometimes God will wake us up and it’s a big like a boom in your life, and you can’t miss it. But a lot of times he speaks softly through the holy spirit, and you have to be in his presence and to listen for it. Another thing you could do is helping other like volunteering or you know, spending time with other, other people, you know, you could, you know, have, you know, only time where maybe you go to an animal shelter or maybe volunteer in your church.
A lot of people who volunteer have higher confidence level is not only do they gain skills, why volunteering, but they also improve their social skills and their interaction and people who have, um, these volunteer activities typically have some compassionate goals, and they do feel more connected with those around them. And I’m one of the main reasons that serving others helps us to feel better about ourselves because we’re doing what God has planned for us on our path. And when you’re in his will, you have more confidence. And when you’re doing things that reflect his character, you have more confidence. This is all confidence in God. Another thing could try to take a step in faith. Confidence and wisdom comes through having peace in our minds that we’re doing what God is calling us to do. Just like I said a moment ago, it’s off often just, you know, only deciding to step in and faith.
Um, and following his will. Even when you don’t have everything that you believe you need today. Just taking that one step and asking him to provide the next, maybe he already has resources in your lives that you don’t see. Perhaps you have what you need, and you need him to help eliminate that for you. So take a step in faith, ask God to come with you and guide you as you follow his will in your life. Uh, the next thing I would say is don’t expect it to be easy. And the Bible says if the gate is narrow, you’re probably on the right track. You can read Matthew Chapter Seven verse 13 through 14. God never promised that our days would be easy. That if we offer our love to others that, that they would love us back, that we would never experience pain or loss or failure and that everything would go our way. What God promised is that he would always be by our side carrying us through difficult times with arms, still outstretched in Lebanon support. And you can read Isaiah chapter 46 and verse four for that. When you open yourself up to God, you will experience the strength and hope and confidence.
Lastly, you learn from mistakes. Don’t try to avoid mistakes. I mean, obviously plan for risks, you know, and in your life. I think that God gives us the wisdom to plan for risks, right. We have the things we need. Sometimes we need to open our eyes and look around. I’m feeling the call to that a lot lately to open up my eyes and look around. Um, that helps to see things that you didn’t see before, but also to mitigate risks. And I think that’s a smart thing to do. I don’t think God wants us to go through life with our heads down in the dirt. You know, scared and, and pretending that we don’t see things that are right in front of us. But when you make mistakes, you should learn from the mistakes. You should pray for discernment and listen to the Holy Spirit and get up and try again.
Don’t quit. It’s important to forgive yourself. I know a lot of times when I make mistakes and even when my husband and he makes mistakes, boy, you know, we can be so hard on ourselves. And I know for me, I’m extremely hard on myself, and so I have to remind myself to forgive, forgive myself, giving myself some grace and you know, what are that Everybody makes mistakes, right It’s part of the human condition. It’s part of the growth process. And it doesn’t mean; I’m not saying that you should gloss over it and just like, oh, la, la, La, I made a mistake. I’m moving on. And then it doesn’t matter. No, it does matter. You should learn from your mistakes. And admit that you make them. You’re in. If you know, you should repent when you sin and ask for God to forgive you. You know he promised, he always promised to forgive us in that makes us possible to forgive ourselves. Always, always, always. Remember that God loves you. It’s a pure love that you will receive from nobody else. And there will be times when your confidence will be tested,
And I hope that during those times you will know what it takes to glorify God. And may you truly have unshakeable confidence in that time when you have got confidence in God, you worry less. You receive hope and have strength. You Inter difficulties and feel secure, and you can have confidence in God who has put on your heart the very thing you are here to do. Be Bold, my friend.
Have that unshakeable confidence. If you’re here today and you’re ready to receive the spirit, that’s not of yourself, but from the Lord, you can say this prayer with me, Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, and I asked for forgiveness. I believe in my heart that you died for my sins and rose from the dead. I declare that you, Jesus is Lord and ask for your direction as I follow your will and my life today and always amen. If you said that prayer with me, congratulations. Welcome to the family of God, and I am so excited to be your sister, and as we wrap up our series on unshakable confidence, I’d love to hear your feedback. Please let me know how we’re doing, and by submitting a review and leaving a comment as the series encouraged you, please encourage others by sharing it. I cannot wait to start our next series next month. Thank you so much for tuning in today, and I’ll see you in the next episode of the promises of God. Goodbye.

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