Here’s my review of the Faithful Finish Lines program hosted by Sara Borgstede and Becky Brown. I had the amazing opportunity to beta test the Faithful Finish Lines program (and yes I paid to do that), as well create an exclusive Bible journaling course for the program. If you already know you want the program, please use our ministry affiliate link here  We will receive a percentage of the sales, but it doesn’t cost you more.

If you just want to try out their programs, here’s a free sample.

Losing Weight is Hard

Losing weight is hard. I’ve been at it since the age of 12. I’ve tried everything on the market to lose weight. If it can be done, I’ve signed up for it: from low fat to keto, Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig, and eating every three hours to intermittent fasting. I’ve lost weight on all of these plans, but eventually, I’d get bored, and the weight would “come back.” That’s because I’m still leaning on my strength to lose weight, instead of God’s. It’s hard to admit that, but you know I’m transparent in everything I do.

Losing weight on the Faithful Finish Lines Program program is still hard. It takes work, planning, and a serious look in the mirror. For me, it’s an extremely sloooooow process, which has me continuously looking for faster solutions, only to find myself worse off. Let’s be real people!!!!

I lost about 10 pounds on the program over the course of two-three sessions. But more importantly, I came face-to-face with the truth and have more tools in my tool belt than I had before.

Faithful Finish Lines Program: Good Things

The things that I love about the Faithful Finish Lines program are:

  1. Christ-centered – Becky and Sarah teach weight loss with a Christ-centered approach. They open the Bible, teach from it, look up answers to questions from it, offer prayer, and continue to put Christ first in all that they do in their lives as well as in the program.
  2. Truth – The program doesn’t sugar coat things (pun intended). They will straight up tell you that gluttony is a sin because that’s what it says in the Bible. I may not want to hear it, but as a Christian, I must be aware of my strongholds and how to overcome them. 
  3. Practical – The Faithful Finish Lines program is a practical approach to weight loss. You follow the steps, and you lose weight. If you’re over the age of 40 like me, you may lose slower than you did when you were twenty. Our bodies change!!! With the Faithful Finish Lines program you’ll learn:
    • What to eat to lose weight without going hungry
    • Why inviting God into your weight loss journey changes everything
    • How to overcome food cravings
    • To treat your body like a temple
    • How to conquer eating emotionally
    • Specific steps to replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of
    • God’s Word
    • How to enjoy eating delicious foods you love – guilt-free!
  4. Planning – One of my biggest ah-ha moments was when I was told to plan my meals. As a former Weight Watchers points counter who likes to eat what I “feel like eating”, It took a few weeks for me to buy into the fact that planning is one of the keys to weight loss. 

Why I Quit the Faithful Finish Lines Program

The Faithful Finish Lines program had me seriously holding up a mirror to my addictions. The truth is that I am addicted to sugar, and it’s not a mild addiction. If you put a churro, cookie, or ice cream in front of me, I can’t stop at one serving. Sarah and Becky encouraged me, coached me, and prayed for me. But, the battle in this area is too much for me to do alone.

I quit the Faithful Finish Lines program because my strongholds require me to seek a solution that’s more one-on-one and a lot more expensive. I’m learning to lean on God’s strength to eliminate the sins and strongholds in my life. My journey isn’t easy, but I know I will get there. 

Should You Join the Faithful Finish Lines Program?

Should you join the Faithful Finish Lines program? My answer to you is to pray about it. This is not an easy program, but it’s one that is rewarding if you’re willing to put the work into it. 

It’s also cheap. For under $50/month you get to be in a structured christ-centered program with people who care about your success and want to see you succeed, and will push you to aim for excellence in your health and life. At this price, you really can’t beat it. In fact, I was comparing a secular program that recently launched with a girl that says she’s Christian and she wanted $300 to enroll and $50/mo. With Faithful Finish Lines, there’s no enrollment fee and the monthly plan is less. Plus you can save even more if you enroll annually.

So pray to the Holy Spirit about what He has for you. Then listen and take action. P.S. I’m still taking the Faithful Fitness classes!!!


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