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I’m Not a “Fitness” Gal

I don’t consider myself a “fitness” gal. I love the benefits and the way I feel when I exercise, but I don’t actually like the exercise. If given the choice between moving my body and Bible journaling, I’d choose Bible journaling every single opportunity. Let’s be real, exercise plays an important role in taking care of my body.

For years I worked out at the gym, but all of that came to a halt on March 2018. I was walking the dogs with my husband one afternoon when I tripped and fractured my tibia, which is right below the knee. It’s pretty hard to fracture a tibia, so I must’ve put an extreme amount of pressure on my leg to accomplish that. For six weeks I hobbled around on crutches until the fracture healed. When the orthopedic surgeon told me to walk on it, it was still painful, and my knee was very unstable. He recommended a knee replacement at that time, but I was not ready.

I tried everything to avoid knee replacement surgery. I went to physical therapy three times per week, acupuncture in my knee at least weekly, and even had platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections (yes that’s plural) into my knees – ouch! But, after eight months of effort, I decided it was time to consider knee replacement surgery. It took a few months to get everything approved, classes taken, and payments distributed, but on January 28, 2019, I was wheeled into surgery.

Gaining Back Mobility

The surgery was supposed to take approximately two hours. Of course, I like a challenge so mine took five. Apparently, the rod my doctor promised to take out was more difficult than he expected. The rod was from a surgery 12 years prior that including breaking my leg and making straight again.

My surgeon worked hard and diligent, making multiple cuts into my leg to retrieve the hardware. Once out, he removed the arthritis (which was worse than he anticipated), added my new hardware, and stitched me back up. He said I made it to the top 3 of his most difficult surgeries. The other two could not have their hardware out. I told you I like a challenge, right?

After the surgery, it was time to start learning how to walk again. The first time I got up, I walked a few steps and then got really sick. Grab me a bag kind of sick, so they let me rest the rest of the night. Apparently five hours of anesthesia will do that to ya.

The next day I was walking with a walker, and made it around the orthopedic ward. I got to go home – yay! There was a long road ahead.

You’ll Never…

One thing that irritates me is when I have doctors, therapists, family members, or people in my life that tell me I’ll never… It happens a lot. This time my physical therapist, who is a Christian, proceed to tell me that I would never get my leg straight and I’d be lucky if I could bend it past 110 degrees. Grrrr. I simply looked at him and said, “my God is greater than that. If he wants me to be at 0 – 135 degrees, He’ll make it happen. You do your part and I’ll do mine”.

christian fitness program

And we did. I showed up to physical therapy three times a week in January, February, March, April, and May. I even rented two devices recommended by my doctor to make my leg stay straight and bend for long periods of time. Yes – that was very painful.

I started walking as much as I could, did my at-home PT exercises TWICE a day, and eventually started adding low-impact exercises from the Faithful Fitness program. When I graduated from my physical therapy treatment, I was at 0 – 128. My physical therapist could not believe it. He texted my doctor immediately.

My Faithful Fitness Routine Today

Today, I’m still using the Faithful Fitness program. I have to do it in the morning, because what’s important gets done first in my life. Otherwise, it may not get done…especially if it’s exercise. I wake up, read my devotional, go for a long walk, do the Christian fitness program, stretch, grab a cup of decaf, and get to work. I’m getting my old elliptical back from my mom soon (she doesn’t use it) so I’ll be able to incorporate that as well. I suspect I’ll alternate between my elliptical, bike, and workouts in the future.

If you want to chuckle at my lack of coordination, here’s a fun video to watch, plus a sneak peek inside the program and why I love it so much.

Interviewing the Faithful Fitness Instructor

I thought it would be a good idea to interview Kristen Ekiss so that you could get more insight into the Christian fitness program that she offers through Faithful Finishlines.

What is Faithful Fitness?

Faithful Fitness is an online membership community for Christian women who want to lose weight and honor God through exercise. Is it a ministry or business or both?

A: It is definitely both. My personal ministry is built upon using fitness to share the Gospel message and Faithful Fitness is founded on this principle while being run just like a business.

Why did you create Faithful Fitness?

Sara (with The Holy Mess) and Becky (with So Very Blessed) reached out to me late last year with an idea on their heart. They wanted to offer a fitness program inside of their business Faithful Finishlines. The 3 of us prayed about it and spent a lot of time brainstorming and through that process, Faithful Fitness was born. It truly was a Holy Spirit led program and we are so excited to share it with you. 

Who should join this Christian fitness program?

Women who want to get in shape, lose weight and honor God with their bodies should join this program. It is perfect for the woman who struggles to find workouts that are “do-able” for her. This program is perfect for the young woman, busy mom, and grandmas who want to keep up with their grandkids. It is also suitable for the woman who hasn’t exercised in years and the woman who thinks she can’t find time to exercise. We really do have a solution for almost everyone. 

Who should NOT enroll?

Women who have an expectation of extremely high-intensity workouts might not benefit from our program. Also, women who are only able to exercise while seated may want to consider enrolling, but would have to modify many of the workouts. Women who have no desire to hear the Word of God during her workout should also not enroll.

What results have members seen so far?

The #1 result that women are sharing with us is that they have finally found a program that they feel like they can succeed at. Their confidence levels are increasing exponentially which keeps them continuing to exercise on a regular basis. Women are sharing that they have more energy, they can keep up with their grandkids, they are more flexible, and yes women are losing weight.

How is this program different/better than other Christian fitness programs out there?

We feel that Faithful Fitness is truly meeting a need that hasn’t been met before. All of our workouts are designed so almost anyone, at any level of exercise can get a good workout without feeling like they can’t keep up with the instructor.

Faithful Fitness also includes Walking in the Word workouts where you walk while hearing a Biblical message at the same time. The instructor can also truly add value to a program and our members are sharing that they feel like Kristen is down to earth, personable and transparent which encourages them everytime they push play.

While the price is fair, I do see other programs out there that are less expensive (even free on YouTube) and some that are way more expensive.What drives the price?

We prayed about the price and chose a number that we thought was fair. It is based on market research and also takes into account the dozens of hours that Kristen, Sara, and Becky spend every month creating, filming, editing and producing the workouts. You might find lower priced programs, or even ones for free, but I guarantee that you won’t find a program where the instructor will respond to your comments, questions and emails while truly caring about your success in the program. 

Will the price increase in the future?

Because we are continually adding more workouts and features to Faithful Fitness, we expect that the price will increase in the future. When you join at a lower price, you continue at that price for as long as you maintain your membership. Now is the time to join! This rock-bottom launch price won’t be available again.

Is there a guarantee that I’ll lose weight?

While the program does not offer a guarantee, I am confident that if you are consistently following the program and eating a healthy, balanced diet, you will see weight loss success. 

How often do you answer questions in the classes?

If someone posts a comment inside of the membership, my goal is to respond within 1-2 days. If there is a question asked that would benefit the entire community, I make sure to elaborate on those in the weekly email that goes out every Monday. I welcome questions and love the opportunity to educate and pray for the members. 

Do you have an app for the workouts where I can access them via phone or tablet?

We host Faithful Fitness on a platform called Teachable. While Teachable does have an app, they do recommend just using your phone or tablet browser to log in and stream as the best option. 

Can I access the workouts 24/7?

Yep, you bet. 

How long are the workouts?

The workouts last anywhere from 7-35 minutes with the average time being about 25 minutes. Inside of the membership, you will also have access to a Workout Library where all of the workouts are listed in order of workout length. So, if you are running short on time, you can hop into the library and choose a workout that fits your schedule. 

Does Faithful Fitness have Christian Yoga included or will it in the future?

Faithful Fitness does not have Christian Yoga and we don’t have plans to add it in the future.

What other classes are coming soon?

In June, we are releasing a 4 week Pilates Program that will be a good mix of low and medium intensity levels. Other programs that we have in store include bands, introduction to strength training, stretching and more. We create most of our programs based on what our members are requesting or giving us feedback about which is another benefit you won’t find with most other online programs

How do you determine what Bible verse you’re going to discuss in each class?

I pray when I sit down to create the monthly program. I pray for a theme or character trait that I should focus on for the month. I usually end up finding this while I’m in my daily study and then I choose verses based off of that theme or word. 

Is there a retreat planned for meeting face to face?

Ooooh, that is a fabulous idea and I would love to do that. Where should we go? 

Do you discuss food plans?

I’m happy to answer general questions about nutrition. But, food plans are not part of the Faithful Fitness membership. Sara and Becky have some amazing nutrition programs inside of Faithful Finishlines and I have a Biblical Eating course if ladies want to dig deeper into nutrition. 

What’s your go-to food plan for maintaining a healthy weight?

I wish I could answer this question with a solid, single answer. But the real answer is “it depends.” It truly depends on the woman’s lifestyle, preferences, hormones, allergies etc, etc. Personally, I follow a Paleo template with a lot of wiggle room to eat what I like. I know Sara has had amazing success with Weight Watchers. I am a certified Precision Nutrition coach and teach nutrition in college. If someone was interested in learning more about this I do take on a small number of private coaching clients each month.

What workout should I start with?

If you are pumped and ready to go – I would start with the Faithful Fitness Starter PlanIf you are a bit hesitant and wondering if you really have the time to follow through – I would start with 15 Minute Fitness

Ready to Learn More About This Christian Fitness Program?

Obviously, I love the Faithful Fitness program. Otherwise, I wouldn’t pay for it. But, like everything, it’s only good if you use it. If you’re ready to start the journey to a healthier you, I encourage you to learn more by starting with the free course (sign up here) or take advantage of the Lifetime membership here.  Again this offer is only for Bible Journaling Ministries friends. I’ll see you on the inside!


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