I’m so excited to share Bible Journaling Ministries’ first published journal! This one is a weight loss journal and planner for Christians. It’s the one I designed and use myself to help me lose weight in a way that keeps me focused on God’s Word and promises. Here’s our ministry affiliate link if you’d like to purchase it and support our ministry. Thank you!  Click here to purchase.

Why Did I Create This Journal?

Over the last few months, I’ve realized that the key to losing weight is intentionality and focus. For me, I have to plan the night before so that I avoid decision fatigue the next day. When I have decision fatigue I end up eating whatever I can get my hands on. That DOES NOT equal weight loss success.

I searched for the perfect tool to use in my journey. Combined with a fitness routine and community support, I started putting intense focus on breaking free from the hold food has on me. Especially Icees and movie theatre popcorn!

As I searched for a journal, I couldn’t find one that was comprehensive. I ended up carrying around my planner, food journal, prayer journal, and gratitude journal everywhere. That’s one heavy purse! So, I decided to make my own planner. It took MANY iterations, but I finally got it right.

I love that this journal allows me to keep my focus on God while honoring the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). It also made my purse a lot lighter!

Christian Weight Loss Journal Key Features

This all-in-one weight loss journal for Christians combines your monthly and weekly planner with your daily fuel log, reducing the need to carry multiple items to track your progress. You get:

  • 3 Monthly calendars
  • 3 Monthly habit trackers
  • 3 Monthly weight and measurement trackers
  • 15 Weekly menu planners with grocery lists
  • 15 Weekly schedule planners that include space to write Scripture, prayers, priorities, and to-do items
  • 25 Recipe planner pages to encourage you to try new recipes 
  • 20 Verses from the KJV translation to encourage you on your journey
  • 105 Daily food planner pages that track nutrition, hours slept, reasons for eating, exercise, hydration, blood pressure, blood sugar, vitamins, weight, notes, things you’re grateful for, and your daily affirmation

How to Use the Journal

For the most part, the journal is very intuitive. It’s designed to help you establish healthy habits as you focus on your goal of losing weight. By combing planner functionality with daily health tracking, you can keep your weight loss journey top of mind. Here’s a video walkthrough of the entire book.

Most of the journal entries are common across all weight loss journals with the exception of the following:

Habit Tracker

Write the habits you’re trying to create in the columns and mark a box for every day you accomplish the habit.

Weekly Planner

• Verse of the Week: Write down a verse that you want to focus on. A few are listed in the back of this book.

• Praying for: Write down who or what you’re praying for this week. 

• Key priorities: Write down your main deliverables or things that you want to accomplish this week.

Daily Fuel Log

• I am: In this section, you’ll write who you envision yourself to be. For example, “I am a healthy, active, and energetic woman.” By writing this daily, you’ll start to believe and take action on the person you want to be. 

• Blank column: This section is for tracking other measurements like “points.”

• Eating because: Why are you eating? Are you hungry, bored, tired, stressed, or pressured? By writing this down, you’ll start to see patterns of eating and can work to address them.

• I am grateful for: In this section, write down what you are thankful for. Having a daily practice of gratitude leads to joy and peace.

To learn more about the Christian weight loss program I mentioned, click here: https://www.biblejournalingministries.com/christian-fitness-program/

‘If you’re ready to break free from the weight that’s holding you down, click here to purchase, and let me know how you like it!: https://amzn.to/2Xl1QBo

Free Printable Planner Stickers

If you’ve read this far – thank you! I hope that you enjoy this free printable! And…if you purchased the planner, thank you!!! Please leave a review on Amazon. It really helps!


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