Flourish Bible Journaling Conference Registration is closed but you can purchase the bundle during registration.

There is ZERO cost to join the conference, but if you register with our link, you will help support our ministry even if you don’t purchase anything. If you do purchase a bundle or product, we will receive a commission – thank you for supporting our ministry (see FAQ below).

bible journaling conference

The conference includes 20 speakers over the course of 10 days. There will be an all-access bundle that includes digital downloads, access to the videos from the conference, and additional exclusive videos that you can only get in the bundle. It is OPTIONAL, but it will be extremely discounted for a few days.

The conference is all online so no matter where you live or your time zone, you can take part.


Flourish Bible Journaling Conference FAQs

Q: Who are “we”?

A: Hi, I’m Tracie. I LOVE GOD! I founded Bible Journaling Ministries in response to God’s calling in my life. Our ministry isn’t about talent. It’s simply about spending time with the Lord,  growing in your faith, and living out your purpose here on earth. There are no rules. No perfection. No mistakes. When I’m not Bible journaling, I’m spending time with my husband, two boys, furbabies, working, writing, and creating art. You can get to know me here.

I tend to use the word “we” when talking about our ministry because this ministry is not about me. It’s about Jesus. He directs me in everything I do. It’s also about fellowship and community. That is us, which includes you! Supporting our ministry helps provide for others. Please see a list of charities we support on our About Us page. There are also quite a few people who work behind the scenes to help me, and I am so grateful for them and appreciate their need to provide for their families.

Bible Journaling Ministries partners with the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference. We do not own or manage this conference.

Q: Why did we participate in the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference?

A: The Flourish Bible Journaling conference is in line with our mission of helping others grow in the Word creatively. Plus there is ZERO cost to participants and is available to everyone with access to the Internet.  The conference verse is:
But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in God’s house.
I trust in God’s loving kindness forever and ever.
-Psalm 52:8 World English Bible (WEB)
The Flourish Bible journaling conference vision is to see women released in their creative gifting so that they may connect with God more deeply. Part of their vision is to equip women to study God’s Word effectively as well as teach them Bible Journaling tips and techniques. We partnered with them because their vision aligned with ours, because they were willing to offer it for free, and after we sought the Lord’s guidance.

Q: What session did we develop for the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference?

A: Our session is titled, “Bible Journaling on a Budget.” We wanted to create something that would be useful for everyone! From $0 to unlimited budget, this course helps you maximize your resources so you can maximize your time in the Word!

Q: How does my participation help the ministry?

A: Your participation helps in many ways!

  1. You grow in the Word, which is why our ministry exists!
  2. When you share about our ministry or this conference, it spreads the good news, which again…is why we exist.
  3. Your registration through our link provides us with numbers, which helps us understand if we should continue to allocate resources to this effort.
  4. If you purchase any of the optional bundles or products, we will receive a commission, which helps us run our ministry and provide for others.

Q: What if I don’t use your link?

A: We still love you! You’ll support us with #1 and #2 above, but not #3 or #4.



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