There are many ways to doodle in your Bible. how to doodle in your bibleFrom simple shapes to elaborate works of art, the process always starts with a basic shape like a line, circle, square, triangle or oval. Despite what you may think, doodling in your Bible is a type of art, but you don’t need to get overwhelmed. It’s very simple to start.

If you’d like a little inspiration or a devotional to get started, scroll down for a link to our free Love Doodle challenge. Illustrated Faith also released a new kit this month all about Doodles! You can grab yours by clicking here and support our ministry with your purchase. Thank you.

How to Doodle In Your Bible

Step One

The first step is always to be in the Word. Read a passage in your Bible and reflect on it. You don’t have to read an entire book. You can start with a Chapter or even a small passage. Any time in the Word is good time in the Word!

Step Two

Once you’ve had a chance to read and reflect on the Word, it’s time to get your pencil or pen out and start doodling. I always start with pencil and then trace over with a pen. Make sure you’re using a thin micron pen or prepping your page with gesso when using supplies that bleed through.

Every doodle starts with a basic shape. Start by drawing a circle, square, triangle or a simple straight line. Then add to the shape. Perhaps you’ll pair a straight line with a curvey line and then add a few lines in between the two to make a gorgeous ribbon. The choice is yours!

In this Bible journaling entry I used water color pencils and then went back over it with doodles.doodleinyourbible I drew a horizontal line in the sky and added a curvy line to it. Then I drew little lines to fill in the curves. After that, I drew lines coming down from the “sky” I just doodled. Then I added stars. I think it made the page look much better!

Step Three

The purpose of step three is to continue to add to your doodle until you feel that it’s complete. Adding color, filling in shapes, journaling with words, or whatever inspires you. You’re reflecting in the Word at this time and adding to your doodle the things that most represent how you feel based on the scripture.

For example, in the image above I was reflecting on Proverbs 24:3 NIV – A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong by good sense. As I reflected on the verse I felt that the process of becoming wise and strong is a long one. It happens day and night. After pondering that thought, I added the stars. See how easy it is!

Continuing the Process of Doodling

As you continue to doodle in your Bible, you may find that you love this art form. Continue to explore it and practice. As you doodle more, you’ll get better! If you’d like to join the Doodle Love challenge, click here.


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