Scrapbooking in your Bible is the perfect way to connect God’s Word with the real-world. When you scrapbook in your Bible, you take scripture and apply it to special moments like graduation, celebrations, and even fun things like dancing. There are seven simple steps to scrapbook in your Bible. In this post we’ll go deeper into scripture, the focal point, and backgrounds.

How to Find Scripture to Scrapbook

There are two ways to scrapbook in your Bible. The first way is to use pictures and ephemera like tickets and programs that you already have and find Scripture that’s relevant to it. For example. In the video below, I use my son’s Peter Pan program and photographs of him playing one of the Lost Boys. Since he was a “lost boy,” I thought the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15:11-32 was fitting.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Bible. Don’t worry! It’s easy to find Scripture. The easiest way is to search for topics for just about any scenario. Google “What does the Bible say about (insert your topic)” or you can use a source like OpenBible to give you a list of verses. Then open your Bible to the verses and read them prior to selecting the one you want to use. Some Bibles have a Topic index that you can use as well.

The second way to scrapbook in your Bible is to study Scripture first and then go on a hunt for pictures that are relevant. For example. You might read Ecclesiastes 3:4 and then decide to find pictures of your family having fun or dancing. Alternatively, you may have a picture of family member or pet that passed away. Any picture related to that would be perfect for reflecting on “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…”

Select a Focal Point

You should select one focal point for your scrapbooking page. That can be a picture, scripture, a program, or even an embellishment. The choice is yours. The key is to draw the observer’s eye to the focal point. You can do this by placing the focal point in a prime location, like the center or top of the page. You can also use color, scraps of paper, stickers and more to enhance the layout and draw the eye to the focal point.

Creating a Background

When it comes to scrapbooking in your Bible, it’s important to keep your pictures and embellishments thin. That is of course unless you want a chunky Bible that doesn’t close. On a side note, I have seen some beautiful chunky Bibles. This may be exactly your style!Proverbs

I’m very cognitive of what I add to my Bible because I like to keep my Bible closed. I often will use paint, Gelatos, or pencils to create the background color. Occasionally I will use scrap pieces of scrapbook paper cut to fit my margins. That paper is always so gorgeous!

Scrapbook in Your Bible

Once your background is ready, it’s time to add your pictures and other fun things. You can journal as well. Feel free to be free. There really are no rules in Bible journaling.

Here are a few supplies you might need. Your purchase through these affiliate links helps support our ministry. Thank you!

If you’d like to learn how to scrapbook in your Bible at a deeper level, let us know. We have an interest list here and we will create the class if there is interest.


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