In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on the  Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journal Kit as well as a tutorial on how to make a giving tray.

There’s something about the order of November and December that brings such joy to the last two months of the year. In November, many messages focus around gratitude and being thankful for what we have. Then in December, we transition to spreading joy and giving to others. This is the season where we go above and beyond our regular giving while remembering to be good stewards.

This year, I decided to use the Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journal kit to create a Giving Tray. To learn more about this activity, scroll down to watch the video. If you’d like to purchase this kit and support our ministry – thank you! We may receive a commission if you use our affiliate link here.

Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journal Kit Review & Giving Tray Tutorial

Giving is a big deal to me. Especially during Christmas. It started when I was a young child as l and walked past a tree full of ornaments and packages of presents at the mall. I couldn’t resist stopping by and finding out what the fuss was all about. The lady at the booth explained that it was a Salvation Army Angel Tree, where you could pick out a few gifts in the mall and bring them to the tree with the donation tag. I was fascinated by the idea of making some other child smile so I asked my parents if I could give a present that year. They said yes, and I scraped up whatever babysitting money I had to get that gift.

My parents always made Christmas a big deal. We’d decorate a tree, wrap presents, and walk the neighborhood to see the lights. We weren’t rich and money was soooo tight for many years, but they made sure me and my sister were taken care of and they helped others as often as they could. As I got older and had kids of my own, I made it a point to teach them to give generously when possible. This year is yet another opportunity to show them how much we love the Lord by taking care of others. We’re using a giving tray to do that.

Supplies Needed

Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journaling Kit

Creating a Giving tray is a unique way to keep track of the fun activities you want to do during December!


  1. Clean the tray to ensure it’s free of dust
  2. Lay out your die cuts and other embellishments
  3. Take a picture of the layout so you don’t forget it
  4. Paint the boxes and let dry
  5. Add white paint to mute each box
  6. Add washi tape around the edges
  7. Add washi tape in a few of the boxes
  8. Stamp inside the boxes
  9. Add the die cuts and any other embellishments

Using the Giving Tray

Once the tray is done, have the kids write what they want to do that’s special on the die cuts. Then each day of Advent, take one off of the tray and complete the activity. Once you’re done, you can journal about the activity in your Bible. Better yet, have everyone write something about the activity like:

  • Why was it important?
  • How did it feel?
  • How does it relate to God’s Word or promises?
  • What happened as a result of doing the activity?
  • Would you do the activity again?

I can not wait to do this activity with my kids! How about you?

Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journal Kit Unboxing

If you’d like to watch the live unboxing of the kit, here you go!

Another Illustrated Faith Advent Bible Journal Kit

I had the opportunity to review the evergreen Advent Kit a few months back. Here’s what I thought of that one.

I hope the giving tray tutorial helps you this Christmas. I’d love to hear what you plan to do with the Illustrated Faith Advent Bible journal kit in the comments below.



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