I’m excited to share the newest Illustrated Faith Kit called, Persevere. This kit is a brand new format, and it was changed due to responses from a survey DaySpring sent out to customers. I don’t remember the survey, maybe it was awhile ago, but the survey results indicated that they needed different formats, a lower price, and different, more versatile styles. In this post, I will share the great things I love about the kit and some other things I wish they would have kept in the kit. If you’d like to purchase this kit and support our ministry, please click here.

Video Review

Unboxing the Persevere Kit


Instead of using a pencil case, you’re getting an envelope that’s 5″x7″. And what is great about this envelope is that you can keep everything inside. If you remove the Washi tape, it will lay super flat. It works great in the back of my Illustrated Faith Planner. It’s not bulky, and I can take it wherever I go. How awesome is that to have a kit that is super portable?

The Artist

There isn’t any information on the artist this time. Before you used to get information on the artist, and this time it just says someone named Robin. Robin and Shanna are friends and I belive Robin is part of Bella Blvd.

I didn’t realize that they used a designer for this kit until I started going through the kit. As I was reading each of the devotionals, I started realizing that this is not Shanna’s story. I would encourage you to read the little card that comes with this kit because it’s a great note from Shanna. If I had read it first, I would have seen that it said that Robin helped create this kit.

Washi Tape

I love the washi tape! It says “Plant your feet; prepare and pray.” I can see that I’ll be using that for quite a few projects down the road.

Persevere Stamp Set

I just love the persevere stamp.The stamp set is absolutely gorgeous.It comes with Persevered life, Your will not mine, a little flower, mercy, and then some embellishments. It’s so super cute!


The downside to this is the size of the stamp set. Because you’re getting a lower price, I think you’re getting a little less stamp. If you look at previous kits, the size is about half of what came before. So while it is an awesome stamp set, it’s smaller than what you used to get. I think that is probably due to the price change. It’s still awesome. I still love it! It’s just a little bit smaller than what you might be used to if you purchased these kits in the past.


The stickers in the new kit are not cardstock. That makes me happy because cardstock stickers add bulk to the Bible and I like my Bible embellishments thin. That’s because as you continue to Bible journal, over time, your Bible can get pretty thick. I like to use thinner elements because even when you’re using thinner elements, it still ends adding a little bit of bulk to your Bible.

These stickers are little more translucent than the cardstock ones. They are printed on a clear background, and they’re super tacky. You can almost see right through that sticker which is nice for those of us who like to see words in their Bibles.


The Illustrated Faith Persevere devotional has had a makeover. Instead of being day one through day fourteen, now there is week one, two, three, four along with four journaling cards.

To be honest, I miss the 14-day devotional, and the cards confused me. Week one is a story, but there aren’t prompts. As I went through week one, I didn’t really know what to write. So I haven’t written anything yet, and I’m just going to think through that on my own.

The good news is that you get the questions in week two. So if you get confused with week one, at least come back for the devotional in week two.

The quality of the journaling cards is great. They’re very sturdy and they’re super portable. You can use them on cards, create a tip-in, or create a book.

A Ton of Embellishments

There’s over 25 embellishments in this kit. These are really high-quality cardstock elements that you can use, and they’re perfect for journaling. I will be using these in art journaling and maybe in my planner. I think some of these would be great in my planner, especially these square ones. There are so many fun things that you can do.

Creating a Mini-Book

ILLUSTRATED FAITH PERSEVEREThe persevere kit is a lovely kit, especially if you love all these little embellishments. Here is the cute little devotional book that I created out of the journaling cards that were provided. I just added a few stickers to the front of week one, popped up the “He is faithful” embellishment to always remind myself that he is. I’m so excited to have made this cute little devotional. What a fun little crafty product.

I hope that you liked this review of the new persevere kit. I would love to see what you make over in our Bible Journaling for Beginners community. If you have any ideas or fun things to do with these cards, I would love to see them too.


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