Illustrating Bible for Sale!!!! The latest Illustrating Bible has just released and I’m excited to share it with you! Plus If you purchase it with our ministry affiliate link, you’ll get a free month of Momentum (details at the bottom of this post)! It’s our way of saying thank you for your support of our ministry. Affiliate links help us run the shop around here because we get a commission when you make a purchase. Thank you!

What’s Changed in the New Illustrating Bible for Sale?

Illustrating Bible for Sale 1
  1. The beautiful sage box is perfect for gift giving.
  2. The cover is a beautiful “pearlescent” green.
  3. The titles are smaller allowing for more space to Bible journal.
  4. There is a dedication space on the presentation page.
  5. You can actually buy one!!! The Rose-colored Illustrating Bible is no longer for sale. It’s discontinued.

Want more videos? I did an entire series what type of pens, stamps, and other mediums that you can use in the Bible here.

Here’s a video showing what’s changed including the measurements of the new titles!

Is the Illustrating Bible It Worth $100?

That’s a great question, and the answer is…It depends!!!! Before I spend any amount of money, I ask myself a series of questions to determine if the value I’ll receive is worth the price I pay. Here’s what I recommend you ask yourself:

Illustrating Bible for Sale 6
  1. Do I want to grow in my walk with God? If the answer is yes, then proceed to the next question.
  2. Is Bible journaling one way that will help me grow closer to God? Over the past several years I’ve met thousands of women who experience more joy, peace, hope, and grow closer to God through Bible journaling. They also retain more of the key concepts and stories in the Bible, which helps them to share the good news with others. Bible journaling is easy if you don’t over complicate it. So if the answer to this question is yes, continue.
  3. How much is my time worth? Would I like to spend less time prepping my Bible pages and less money on things like gesso? The Illustrating Bible has 75% thicker pages than other journaling Bibles. I don’t page prep my Illustrating Bible, which allows me to spend that extra time Bible journaling. Oh ya – let’s keep going…
  4. Do I want lots of space to journal and create beautiful art while in worship to my heavenly Father? The Illustrating Bible has a 4″ margin. That’s twice the space of normal journaling Bibles and quadruple the space of a standard Bible. If space is what you want…proceed….
  5. Do I like the idea of being able to fold the Bible in half? Ok…not many folks know what I mean when I say this, but I really like the spiral on this Bible. I can move the pages so that the Bible is flat or so that half of it is behind the other half. Not that impressed? That’s ok. It’s just neat to be able to do that with a Bible. Next question!!!!
  6. Can I DIY a Bible like the Illustrating Bible for under $100? Let’s see…936 pages x .10 per copy on decent # paper = $93.60. Don’t forget you can’t just copy your Bible if it’s a translation other than KJV due to copyright issues. You’ll also need to ask for the holes to be punched. The binder or metal coil is about $5, but I could only find the coil in quantities of 100. And…are you really going to stand at a copier and copy your entire Bible? Assuming it takes 10 seconds to copy a page, you’re looking at around three hours of your time. Of course, you can take apart your standard Bible journal and bind it, but that’s not the same comparison. Can we all agree that you have better things to do – like minister to your family, friends, or neighbors? Let’s move on…
  7. Will you use the Illustrating Bible? There’s nothing worse than buying something that you’ll never use. If you’ll open it up, read it, and Bible journal in it, then yes…an Illustrating Bible is for you!
Illustrating Bible for Sale 5

Still concerned about the cost? I understand! That’s why we’re giving away a free month of Momentum to anyone who purchases the Illustrating Bible using our ministry affiliate link. Momentum has hundreds of Bible journaling tutorials, printables, and devotionals that you can print directly from your home. So…all you need is a Bible and a printer to get started.

Free Bonus from Bible Journaling Ministries

If you purchase the Illustrating Bible using our affiliate link here you’ll get a free month of Momentum! That’s a $25 value. To redeem your free month:

  1. First, purchase the Illustrating Bible for Sale here:
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  3. Wait up to 24 hours for your welcome email. Lonny will get you all set up with your free month of Momentum! If you’re already a Momentum member, Lonny will credit your account for one month or you can gift a free month to someone. Just let us know who. Hooray! Thank you for your support.

Note: This bonus is not offered by DaySpring or DaySpring affiliates.
It is a Bible Journaling Ministries offer only.
It’s our way of saying thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Illustrating Bible

Q: What version is it?
A: Christian Standard Bible

Q: Are you giving it away?
A: Learn more about our giveaway here.

Q: What font size is it?
A: 8 pt font size.

Q: Is the Illustrating Bible for sale for $100 still?
A: Yes. Coupons usually don’t apply, but you can often get free shipping in the US.

Q: How is it different than last year’s version?
A: Color, box, title size, and dedication page are the major changes. Plus there will be more inventory.

Q: Will the rose version be discontinued?
A: Yes, I believe so.

Q: When and where can we order one?
A: You can order one on May 1, 2019 from our link here.

Q: What does the inside look like?
A: Check out the video above!!!!

Q: Does it come in KJV?
A: Not yet. I’m not sure when other translations will be available.

Q: Would you say the color is more green or blue?
A: I think it’s like a pearlescent green. It has some blue in it, but it’s green.

Q: Can I get it in large print?
A: Not yet. I’m not sure when they will release a large print version.

Q: Is green the only color available.
A: At this time green is the only Illustrating Bible for sale.

Q: What is the size difference in the titles?
A: Please see the video above where I show exactly the size difference with a ruler.

Q: I have version 1, do I really need version 2?
A: Need is a strong word. The truth is that you don’t need a Bible to Bible journal. You need access to the Word, which is free online AND something to write with and on. So no…you don’t need another Bible. But…since you’re asking someone who purchased three of them… need it!!! Just kidding.

Illustrating Bible for Sale 1

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