Journaling Bible Where to Buy One? That’s a question that gets asked almost weekly in our Bible Journaling for Beginners Facebook group. The answer almost always depends on if you’re US based or Internationally based. In this post, I’ll share where you can buy one at the best price here in the US.journaling bible where to buy one

Journaling Bible What to Buy?

It’s not easy to decide on which Bible to buy. I know because I have about 20 in my collection. I’m a huge collector of Bibles! From the one my Grandma had to the lastest Canvas Bible, I love to open them up, smell the pages, and get in the Word.

The Bible Journal Selection Tool was created to make things easier on you. By answering just a few questions, you can find the perfect Bible for you.

Journaling Bible Where to Buy One?

Online Stores

Day Spring: I love to shop at Dayspring for Illustrated Faith items. If you’d like to support our ministry, please shop using our ministry affiliate link. During Christmas, Day Spring will often pair a journaling Bible with a kit and offer it at a discount. Deals and coupons can be had almost monthly, so be sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified of the deals. If it’s a steal of a deal, we’ll send an email out. Make sure you’re on the list! We also send out monthly freebies!

CBD: Christian Book Distributors is a great place to search for Bibles. I’ve purchased many supplies at a great deal with them.

Amazon: You can’t say shopping online without mentioning Amazon. Here’s our ministry affiliate link for Journaling Bibles. I have to admit that I’ve been buying on Amazon with a Prime membership for over 12 years now. It saves so much time for me, and I also save money because I’m not impulse buying at the store. I have a tendency to do that. Amazon is pretty much the only place where I can buy one thing!

Shop Local

It’s hard to shop for a journaling Bible when you can’t touch it or feel it. We’ve put together a list of reviews for many of the current journaling Bibles on the market. If we can get our hands on them, we’ll review them! But, nothing beats walking into a store and comparing them side by side.

Local Christian Stores: So many local Christian stores are going out of business these days. It’s a sad sight to see. I can only hope that access to online supplies will continue at fair prices. If you have a local Christian store, shop there. Even if it means that you pay a few dollars more than on Amazon.

Big Box Stores: Stores like Barnes and Noble, Costco, Walmart, and Sams Club carry all kinds of books. I’ve even seen a few journaling Bibles on my trips to these stores.

Hobby Lobby and Michaels: Hobby Lobby tends to have better pricing on journaling Bibles than Michaels. Since you can’t use a coupon on books at Michaels, you’ll be paying full retail price for the one you get there. Of course, one of our Facebook friends has found one in the damaged section for $10, so you never know! I’ve seen journaling Bibles at Hobby Lobby for the same price as Amazon or slightly lower if it’s on sale.

Goodwill or Thrift Store: I haven’t found a journaling Bible at a thrift store yet, but one day they will be there! I do have a very easy time finding standard Bibles for $1.50-$3 each.

Used Bookstore: Check out your local used bookstore as well. They may have a few used ones on hand if you’re lucky.

Journaling Bible where to buy one? That’s up to you. I’d love to know if you’ve found a special place to buy one that I haven’t listed here. Please let me know in the comments below!


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