Have you ever found yourself in need of more space to share your thoughts after you’ve already applied your inspired illustrations to a Bible page? how to make bible journaling tip-insThat’s where Bible journaling tip-ins come into play. Tip-ins are cards, paper, vellum or other inserts that you place in your bible. Tip-ins are also used by those that feel uncomfortable about adding their artistic touches directly on pages of their Bibles. Just add a tip-in and the problem is solved.

Here are a few simple instructions covering how to make Bible journaling tip-ins.

We’ll Start off with a couple of “Tips”

Use cardstock or other sturdy but thin backing so that your tip-ins will be able to endure handling, and help support any heavy adornments. Just make sure that the backing you use isn’t too thick or heavy because if it is it might end up breaking the spine your bible or cause it to not close properly. Also, if your tip-ins involve an event whose sponsor is providing special requirements, it’s important to follow them to get a similar effect.

bible journaling tip-inSingle Page Tip-Ins

These can be both single (1 side is decorated) and double sided (both sides of the page are decorated). You can also use a side to share what inspired you, or the process you followed to create the tip-in.

Double Pages

Most people that use tip-ins prefer the double page option that is designed to fold at the spine, covering two Bible pages. This tip-in method requires a bit more planning but gives you more creative space.

Free Bible Journaling Tip-Ins

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If you’re using a template, you can print it on vellum or transparencies so that you can see the item you’re cutting out. You can also print directly on cardstock or copy paper, color it, make tags, and so much more.

Check Clearance

Make sure that you leave about a half an inch of clearance space regardless of the option you choose. This is especially true if you’re creating a single page tip-in and want to leave enough room to attach it in the book without affecting your page design.

Add the Bible Journaling Tip-in

Once you’ve created your Bible journaling tip-ins you’ll need to apply them and the best and easiest way to do it is to use glue or a thin piece of glue strip. To apply a single sided tip-in, glue it to a piece that is cut close to the spine or apply it to a stub.

Not many people use a stub. You can create a stub by trimming or folding the page down to about a half an inch, then glue your tip-in to what’s left (the stub).  Close the Bible and press firmly.

For double sided tip-ins, apply the glue to the fold of your tip-in, to one wrong side, and gently ease it into your Bible, up against the spine. Next, close the Bible and press firmly. Then, open the Bible again and apply glue to the opposite, wrong side of your tip-in and press again.

Tip-In Collaboration

It’s a lot of fun to collaborate with friends and taking part in “swaps” of Bible journaling tip-ins. How this usually works is that you create five different tip-ins, adhering to any provided specifications. Then, you mail out your decorated tips-ins and receive five in return. The tip-in swap is usually themed, so it’s important to follow the rules. It’s also important to sign and date your tip-in’s, adding a special message/artist statement as well. If you’re Bible journaling tip-ins are part of a group project like those mentioned here, make sure that they conform to the rules.

Bible Journaling provides an imaginative and spiritually-uplifting way to express yourself and your love of God’s Word. Bible journaling tip-ins give you additional space and the ability to share your passion with your group. What are your favorite Bible journaling tip-ins?


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