I’m excited to announce the release of the first hymnal journal on the market! It’s titled after the hymnal, Blessed Assurance. It’s one that I remember my grandma singing in church, and I loved singing it with her. If you’re looking for the free printable or the giveaway, scroll down.

hymnal journal

This Is My Story, This Is My Song is a one-of-a-kind hymnal faith journal that will encourage your expression of faith and creativity! It includes classic hymns, blank journaling pages, traceables, and verses. It’s also very affordable with a price point of less than $10!

Use it as a hymnal art journal, faith journal, or prayer journal. It’s up to you! Document your story, memories, and prayers, or simply journal about your day as you reflect on hymns from the past.

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What is a Hymnal Journal?

hymnal journal example

A hymnal journal is a book that allows you to create and reflect on Scripture through the lens of worship songs. Hymnal journaling can be an act of worship, an alternative way to study the Bible, or a fun way to spend time alone with God. Like most things in Bible journaling, there are no rules. However, I would recommend that you approach the process with purpose and intent. That way, you’ll get the most out of your time.

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What’s Inside This Hymnal Journal?

You’ll get:

hymnal journal songs
  • 17 Classic hymns (includes four different Christmas carols)
  • Blank pages are behind each page so that markers and paint can be used without ruining the opposite side.
  • 17 Traceable images – Trace them using carbon paper or cut, color, and paste them in your journal.
  • 102 Lined journaling pages – Share your story about how the hymnal impacts you, research its origin, find verses of the Bible related to it, or use it in any way you see fit.
  • The hymnals that are included are:
    1. Blessed Assurance
    2. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
    3. I Need Thee Every Hour
    4. Nothing But the Blood
    5. Rock of Ages
    6. The Old Rugged Cross
    7. Come Thou Fount
    8. In the Garden
    9. I Hear the Savior Say
    10. Go Tell It on the Mountain
    11. Holy Holy Holy
    12. It is Well With My Soul
    13. Away in the Manger
    14. Silent Night
    15. Joy to the World
    16. Angels We Have Heard On High
    17. Joy to the World (Twice because there’s always room for more joy!)

King James Bible Verses Included

You also get 19 verses from the KJV translation to encourage you to lift up your voice and sing praise to our Lord.

hymnal journal

Traceable Images Are Included

There are 17 traceable images are included in the back of the hymnal journal. You can color on them or cut them out and trace them onto a hymnal or journal page. Each traceable is blank on the backside so that markers can be used without worrying about the opposite side of the page.

hymnal journal traceables
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Why two Joy to the World Hymns?

I’ll admit. It’s really odd to have two Joy to the World hymns in the book. I hope you’ll hear me out and read on.

For all of my products, I go through an extensive process of writing, designing, collaborating, illustrating, editing, and then re-editing. I print everything out, test it, and make sure the product is good to go before it leaves my hands. For my books, I purchase multiple author copies to make sure the print looks good and everything as perfect as possible.

When my copies arrived, I ripped open the box and started to flip through the books. They looked great! Then I discovered that there were two Joy to the World hymns included. I was completely embarrassed! My initial “perfectionist” attitude told me to immediately delete the second hymn along with the extra pages and reupload the file. You see, it’s easy for me to change the books I write because I publish them myself. All I need to do is delete the pages and reupload the file. It literally takes minutes.

But…I don’t just delete things in my life for “order” sake. When things appear in my life that I don’t plan, I always ask God why. I prayed and asked God to help me discern whether or not to remove the second Joy to the World hymn. The answer that I received was a peace that washed over me. It felt like comforting warmness in my heart and I believed that I needed to keep it. There needs to be more joy in this world.

Obviously, I’m human so I continued to ponder the thought of deleting the pages from the book. If this was a traditionally published book, I would not get the opportunity to decide. There would be no question, no prayer, no decision. There are so many “human” reasons to take it out. Here are some of them that went through my head:

  • It wasn’t my plan and is not “supposed” to be there.
  • It’s so easy to fix!
  • No one will take your role as an author seriously.
  • You will never get a traditional book contract because of this.
  • You will get bad reviews.
  • Nobody will buy it with a duplicate hymn.
  • It’s not perfect.

Keeping the second hymnal could cost me reputation points, future book deals, and customers. The cost is pretty high.

But…here’s the thing. The second Joy hymnal is in there for a reason. I don’t know why. I don’t know who needs to read or sing Joy to the World twice. I don’t know why someone needs extra journaling pages related to this song, but God does! Can I be content with that? Can I trust that God knows what He’s doing? Is it ok that people know that I’m not perfect and make mistakes? The answer is YES. I let it stay because there simply needs to be more joy in this world.

Free Printable

I created this printable for you as a special thank you for supporting Bible Journaling Ministries. If you’ve read this far…thank you.

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