In this post, I’m reviewing the NIV Holy Bible Journal. This is one of the most popular journaling Bibles out there, and I was super excited to get it in the mail. In the past, I’ve been journaling in my standard Bible which is totally acceptable, but I wanted to treat myself, so I decided to buy this journal.

NIV Holy Bible Journal Cost

The NIV Holy Bible Journal isn’t very expensive. It retails for $39.99. I found it much cheaper on Amazon. You can check out your local Christian bookstore as well to see if maybe you could get a great deal on it as well.

NIV Holy Bible Journal Packaging

When you receive the NIV Holy Bible Journal, it comes without much fanfare. It didn’t even come with its own box. There was no cover or shrink wrap. It has very minimal packaging. There’s not much to throw away, and there’s not a lot of waste.

NIV Holy Bible Journal FeaturesNIV Holy Bible Journal Review

The Bible itself comes with a blank cover, which is great because you can use the front for decoupage or anything that you want. You can add stickers to it, emboss it, and paint on it. On the side, you have the standard title, and then you have the type of Bible which is the NIV version. On the back, you have a strap that’s useful for securing the Bible so that nothing falls out. It’s great that it doesn’t open in your bag and then get creases on the pages. It also comes with one ribbon.

What’s great about the NIV Holy Bible Journal, is that it has the standard features that most Bibles have so you have, like the cover page, chapters and the Belongs To page. The Belongs To page is a thick page so feel free to journal, paint, and make this page as beautiful as you want. There isn’t anything that’s significantly different about the way this Bible is specifically put together.

NIV Holy Bible JournalOne of the main features that’s different about this particular journaling Bible is that it lies flat. This is a nice feature to have while you’re creating in your Bible. If you’ve ever tried to mark in Bible where one side is lifted up, and the other is flat, you know what I mean.

The NIV Holy Bible Journal contains the complete NIV text which is the most popular version out there. It has thicker cream paper. My previous Bible The one that I’ve been journaling in is thin so having a thicker paper is nice.

The NIV Holy Bible Journal has margins specifically designed for you to journal in. They’re lined, and there is plenty of space to journal. At the end of most chapters, there’s space to do additional drawings and journaling as your heart desires.

It also seems to be pretty substantial. I mean this book seems like I could probably use it for years. It would also be a nice thing to leave to my family members when I pass away. I know that sounds morbid, but they can review it and see where my heart was at any given time. Maybe they’ll see my response to scripture, and it helps them in their journey.

NIV Holy Bible Journal Wish List

When thinking about what I wish the NIV Holy Bible Journal would have or not have, I thought that it would be nice to have a substantial journaling Bible that doesn’t have the lines. Most people that journal in their Bible love to have the lines. I’m just not a fan. I would like to have one that doesn’t have the lines. Hopefully, we’ll see some bibles come out that have no lines in the margin.

I also wish there was more than one ribbon. Ribbons are pretty inexpensive, and you could probably get five in this Bible without much effort from the manufacturer. Of course, I’ll just add more if I want.

Finally, while the pages are thicker than the standard Bible, they are not as thick as I would like them to be. If you’re doing things like water coloring or painting, you will need to prep your page because the image will still show right through on the other side.

Final Thoughts on the NIV Holy Bible Journal

Despite my wish list items, I love the NIV Holy Bible Journal Edition. This is the most popular journaling bible out there on the market right now and one you’ll want as you continue to journal in your Bible. To view our list of recommended supplies, click here.


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