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What Does it Mean to Renew?

Renew - How to Start the Year Off on Solid Foundation

I love restoration projects, but truth be told, I often wish the renewal would be instant. The process takes so long and requires quite a bit of effort regardless of what you’ve decided to renew.

Renewing is the process of transformation. The 1970’s cabinets in my home were a dull brown before I restored them. I spent months trying to decide what type of kitchen I wanted so that I could pick out the perfect shade of white. At first, I thought the project would be easy; a splash of paint and I’d call it a day.  In reality, it took an entire weekend.

The cabinets needed to be taken down, sanded, cleaned, and primed before they could be painted. Taking them down was easy. I labeled them so I would remember where they went. Then I set up an assembly line in my garage. It was there that 24 doors and 15 drawers were renewed. Oh, and I also spray painted the hardware in a lovely chrome finish so they would look great too.

Restoration of any kind needs a solid foundation, time, practice, and patience. Some projects are weekend projects, like the cabinets. Larger projects, like restoring a house can take years. The same is true for renewing oneself.

It can take years to lose the weight, but a weekend to clean out the junk food from your house. It can take years to pay off a mortgage, but a weekend to earn enough money delivering pizzas to make a little extra to pay down the balance. Sure, losing the weight and being debt free would be awesome today. But, that’s not the deal in this life. Renewing anything is a process. Here’s what I do.

The Renew Process

Before I start anything, I must rest in the knowledge that I am exactly where I need to be right now. God has me where I am for a reason. The ache in my heart to change or do something is there for a reason.

I am about to go on an amazing journey! But, whatever happens on this journey, I must rest in the knowledge that I am loved and cared for.  My identity in Jesus Christ is what determines where I’ve been, what I’ll do moving forward, and my eternal future in Heaven. I didn’t earn this. It was given freely to me by faith alone, and I am so thankful for it. You can have it too. (John 3:16)

1. Agreement

I have to keep things simple. Focusing on one thing has truly helped me grow more than I thought possible.

Before you can begin renewing or restoring yourself, you need to agree on what it is you’re trying to do. Pick one thing and be very specific. Trying to do it all at once is the perfect recipe for frustration and often leads to giving up after your motivation wanes.

2. Foundation

I can’t do anything apart from God (John 15:5). He is my foundation.

Set up a good foundation that’s rooted in the Bible. I always say that the Bible is life’s instruction manual. Everything you NEED to know is there. If you’re trying to lose weight, search for verses about health, food, and honoring your body. If you’re trying to get out of debt, search for verses about money, loans, and debt.

Write these verses down and keep them in your devotional,  journal, Bible journal, or on index cards. Refer to them along your journey.

3. Prayer

Prayer is a conversation between you and your Father. Ask the Lord to renew your mind and guide you on your the journey. Ask Him for his direction and will. Then, ask him to give you the strength and wisdom to follow it.

Pray even when you don’t want to. Make it a habit of praying constantly, throughout the day, even when it’s a great day (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  Don’t just pray when you need help. Your Father wants to hear from you when you’re doing great too.

4. Love

I have found that the devil loves it when I beat myself up. When I tell myself that I’m not good enough or that someone else is a better fit, he wins.  If I truly want what I set out to achieve, I have to stop beating myself up and see myself as God sees me. You do too. (Romans 8:1)

To combat negative thoughts, I pray to remove them from my mind. Then I refer to verses or affirmations to help me remember that God is in control, that he loves me, and that I can do anything that’s according to His will.

Take some time to create a list of affirmations or verses to encourage you. It’s best if they are related to what you want to renew.

5. Take Action

All of these things take effort. Nothing about restoration is instant. You’ll start with a ton of motivation, and that’s great. It helps get the ball rolling. But, when that ball starts to slow down or go backward, seek His guidance. Review the steps above and follow His plan. With God, you’ve got this!

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