We love shared story opportunities that support our brothers and sisters in Christ. This shared story post was submitted by one of our Facebook Group friends. We hope you find this Bible journaling story encouraging and inspiring. If you’d like to be featured as a shared story, click here. Here is Sara’s Bible journaling story. 

Meet Sara Lindenhols! Sara hosts a Dutch bible journaling group. On May 1st she is hosting a challenge fit for those new to journaling and fit for those who can’t draw. The group has put a lot of effort in translating the challenge to English. Scroll down to learn how you can join.

How did you discover Bible Journaling?
Scrolling on Facebook

How has Bible journaling changed you, your life, or your walk with God?
Because of a major burn-out I almost lost my faith. For years I couldn’t go to church or read my Bible, but one day I just started to draw in my Bible. Someone told me it was called Bible Journaling and that there was this whole community online… the virus got me. Journaling restored my faith, got rid of the depression that almost took my life and even gave me a new purpose. I now am the moderator of a Dutch journaling group on FB. And as of May 1st, we now host a brand new, exciting Bible Journaling Challenge (written in Dutch and English!)

What’s your favorite Bible Journaling technique?
I prefer to draw with my pastel pencils or just colored pencils. But I do try everything: Gelatos, watercolor (still scary to work with water in my bible!), paint, cut outs… but mostly just my pastel pencils.

What is one recommendation you have for others who are getting into Bible Journaling?

Don’t try to be a Van Gogh! And never compare yourself or your art with others!!

What else would you like to share:
May 1st we start the #31daysofbiblicalwomen challenge. Did you ever hear from Puah? Bat-Melech? Or Eshet-Chayil? shared storyWell, the Bible teaches us so much through these ladies’ shared story! We will dig into this! The devotionals will be easy to read and understand. And with every devotional we hand an idea to journal it.

We offer free drawings to trace or color, free printables, easy tutorials and a whole lot of fun, but most important: we don’t care how artistically we all are (or are not) we just want to worship God together through this challenge and through journaling together and hope you will join!

You can join by following my blog www.saralindenhols.wordpress.com or follow me on instagram (@saralindenhols)

What’s your favorite verse of the Bible and why?
1 Peter 2:9-10 because it tells me I am a royal, I am chosen!


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