THE Bible is also referred to as the “Holy Book” and is a cherished addition to every Christian household. the anatomy of a bibleFor those that are just now becoming familiar with the Bible and its teachings, we hope that the following information regarding the anatomy of a Bible will help you understand the power of its contents and how life changing they can be.

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More About the Bible

The Bible is made up of several individual parts, and it’s important to understand its diversity along with its unity for those who follow the Word of God. Every section of the Bible plays an important part in the unfolding truths of God’s plan and his purpose for mankind.

The first step in becoming familiar with the Bible is studying its many parts;  the anatomy of a Bible so to speak. Once the overall composition of the Bible is understood, it will be a lot easier to fully grasp the finer details.

The Anatomy of a Bible – an overview

The two main parts of the Bible are the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Bible has 66 books between the two, 27 in the new Testament, 39 in the old testament.

The Old Testament

The Old Testament starts with the rich history of how the Almighty created the world in around 400o B.C. The Old Testament includes books of the law, including God’s commands. You’ll also find books of history that share information about the Lord’s chosen people, the Israelites. The Old Testament also includes books of poetry that help God’s people praise him and books of prophecy that talk about his future plans. Between the Old and New Testament there are approximately 400 years of “silence”.

The New Testament

The New Testament is a recording of historical events regarding the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and his followers. It includes the Acts of the Apostles, 4 Gospels, 21 epistles by St. Paul and others, and the book of Revelation. The New Testament is a moving record of events that include the life, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ and the continuation of His work which was carried on by the apostles that he handpicked. Additionally, it is the fulfillment of the events that had long been anticipated by the Old Testament. In addition, it is the sacred history, that, in contrast to secular records, was created under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Chronology of the Holy Bible

The Bible is a complex system of the lifespans and generations which, through the passage of events, cover over 4,000 years starting with the Creation of the world.

The Bible is considered the most powerful book ever written., an eyewitness account of historic events of such incredible magnitude that it has literally designed the world that we live in. It’s a book that you should definitely make a daily part of your life.


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