In this tutorial, I share how to use the Tim Holtz stamping platform for Bible journaling along with the latest Spellbinders Bible journaling stamp line designed by Joanne Fink. If you’d like to support our ministry with your purchase, please use the links below.

How to Use the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform for Bible Journaling

To use the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform you’ll need these supplies:

What is the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform?

The Tim Holtz Stamping Platform improved the original and patented design by Misti. Introduced in 2017, of course with some legal battles on patent infringement, the platform finally made it into the hands of eager consumers late this summer.

The purpose of the stamping platform is to ensure a perfect crisp stamped image every time you use it. It keeps the paper positioned perfectly so that you can restamp the image without moving the paper or changing the position of the stamp. It’s perfect for those of us who don’t do the best job of stamping (like me).

How to Use the Tim Holtz Stamping Platform in Your Bible

  1. Place the page of your Bible on the stamping base. You’ll need a Bible that moves freely like the one in our video above. To find the perfect Bible for you, take our short quiz.
  2. You will only be able to do the margin of your Bible, so be sure that the platform lid closes before you go to the next step.
  3. Place the strong magnets on the page that is on the stamping base.
  4. Choose the side of the stamping platform lid that matches your stamp. If you’re using a rubber stamp, the word “Rubber” should be visible on the stamping lid. Otherwise, turn it over.
  5. Position your stamps on the Bible journaling page.
  6. Close the lid to pick up the stamps with the lid.
  7. Ink the stamps. Learn what ink works best in your Bible here.
  8. Close the lid.
  9. Carefully lift the lid making sure you don’t move your Bible or the platform.
  10. Your image is done! If you have gaps or areas that need more ink, you can place the lid back down on the page to stamp a second time. I’ve done it three or four times on occasion.

Do you like the Tim Holtz stamping platform? I’d love to know if you’ll use it in your Bible too in the comments below!



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