biblejournalinggiftsLooking for bible journaling gifts this Christmas for the Christian in your life?
There’re many gifts you can give that make wonderful presents and help our loved ones grow closer to God. Here’s a top ten list to help you find just that right gift this holiday season.

Bible Journal

The top gift is a Bible journaling Bible. This makes it easy to jot down notes, illustrate, color, watercolor, and paint images when the spirit moves you. You can also use it to keep thoughts and feeling about God in one place that can be referred to often or taken to church with you. Even if people you’re gifting to have one already, they could always use a second or third, especially if it’s in a translation they don’t already have. I’m hoping to pick up a few during Black Friday sales for myself and for those I love. Here’s what’s on my list:

Pencils or Pens

A good bible journaling pencil or pen can be expensive and often times people don’t like to splurge on supplies like pencils. Treat the person you love this Christmas with a nice set of pencils or pens for their bible journaling needs. Prismacolor makes the best soft-core pencils. The best price is on Amazon. If you’re looking for an inexpensive stocking stuffer, try the Crayola Twistables. They’re convenient to throw in a purse or bad and never need sharpening.

Digital Images or Stamps

It can be a good idea to mark a passage with a stamp or an image that inspires you. Consider giving stamps, or even digital images as a gift. To make an inexpensive gift, print out some of our free images on cardstock and wrap them up with a nice set of pencils.


Embellishments like washi tape, stickers, and rub-ons make a perfect basket filler or stocking stuffer. To keep track of various Bible passages, it can be a good idea to use stickers, tape or other scrapbook style items to mark the pages of a journal, planner or Bible. These items make it easy to refer to passages and reference them when needed. They’re also great for adding that special touch the art that’s created in a Bible.

Paints and brushes

I love using watercolors in my Bible journal. It’s so fun to paint and the watercolors allow the words to peer through the paint.  Here are some of items on my wish list this year.

Monthly Kit Subscription

Bible journaling gifts might include a monthly subscription with scrapbook supplies so the person has the supplies they need one monthly basis for their bible journaling. Perhaps you’d prefer to gift a Faith box or buy an Illustrated Faith set. These kits have exactly what the recipient needs like devotionals, stickers, tape, pens or other items.

Gift Cards for Craft Stores

When you’re working on Bible journaling, you may need to replenish your supplies. A gift card to a craft store makes for a great gift so the Christian in your life can get all the supplies they need for their bible journaling. Plus they can combine the gift card with a 50% off coupon and save even more!

Classes or Books on Technique

Your Bible journaling friends may want extra help with coloring, painting, or doodling in their Bible or journal. It could be a good idea to get them a book on various drawing or writing techniques or a gift certificate for a local class.

Binder and Tote

To take notes and carry them with you, you need a good binder. A tote bag is a great option as well so that all supplies are accessible and easily moved from one place to another. When things are convenient, it’s easy to refer to a Bible passage whenever needed and write down, illustrate or paint thoughts and feelings in the Bible journal.

Your Time

One of the top Bible journaling gifts you can give is simply your time. Offer to spend time with the Christian in your life and do some Bible journaling together. It can be a great way to connect and talk. In Matthew 18:20, Jesus says “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” Spend some time during Christmas and beyond this season to appreciate and love those that you’re blessed to have in your life.


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