I use digital images in my Bible journaling all of the time.how to transfer digital images Mostly because they’re beautiful and I know exactly what the image is going to look like when I’ve finished. To transfer digital images to your Bible, you need an image, graphite paper, pens, and your Bible journal. Here are step-by-step instructions, a supply list,  as well as a free printable for you to get started.

How to Transfer Digital Images to Your Bible

This video shares how to transfer digital images to your bible. Digital images are perfect for tracing onto your bible using graphite (or carbon) paper.

Step 1: Find a Digital Image

The first thing you’ll need to transfer digital files to your Bible is an image. I offer free downloadablbiblejournalingcoloringpagee templates if you’re on our ministry mailing list. Click here to sign up. You don’t want to miss a single one. You can use our images for personal and ministry use.

If you’re not using our images when transferring digital images onto your bible, please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the site that that you’re using. Some designers do not allow you to trace their images.

Step 2: Print the Digital Image

You can print the digital image onto regular copy paper. However, I sometimes like to print it on a transparency. That way I can see the image placement before I trace it. Transparencies also make great templates if you’re teaching a larger group and want to be able to reuse it.

Step 3: Place the Digital Image Onto Your Bible

Place the digital image onto your Bible. You can secure it with tape, but use a small piece so that it’s easy to remove and doesn’t rip your page.

Step 4: Place Graphite Paper Under the Digital Image

Place graphite paper under the digital image with the dark side down. That’s the side that has the graphite.

Step 5: Transfer Digital Images Onto Your Bible

Using a pen, trace the digital image. You don’t need to press hard, but don’t press to lightly either. Trace only the parts of the image that you want in your Bible. If you don’t like the transfer, you can always erase and start over.

Step 6: Check and Remove

Be sure to check your transferred image before removing the template or tape. That way you don’t have to mess with realignment if you didn’t get it transferred to your liking. If you’re happy, remove the graphite paper and the image template. You should have a nice image to color.

Step 7: Outline, Erase, and Color

You don’t have to outline your image, but it’s something that I really like to do. If you decide to outline it, be sure to use a pen that has a tiny tip. I like Micron pens. After you’ve outlined the image, let your ink dry before erasing the graphite lines. I erase the graphite lines because I find that they blend with my colored pencils. You can now color your beautiful picture.

I’d love to see what images you transfer onto your Bible. You can tag me on Facebook at @biblejournaling or on Instagram @biblejournalingministries. Please share your comments below!

Supplies Used to Transfer Digital Images

Here are the supplies I used in this tutorial. I always recommend that you use supplies that you have on hand before purchasing new supplies. Making a purchase by clicking any of the links below supports our ministry. There is no additional charge to you, and you may even save money as I always try to find the best prices.  Our ministry receives a small commission on purchases you make with our affiliate links. We don’t accept donations, so this really helps!


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