Traveler’s notebooks are a great alternative to using a Bible to journal your time in the Word. Especially if you’re concerned about potentially ruining your Bible.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a traveler’s notebook using our The Truth Will Set You Free printable available in our store. I’ve printed out the cover, and I’ve printed out the insert prompts.The prompts include the date, today’s verse, reflection, prayer, thankful for, and doodle and drawings.

Here’s what you need:

You don’t need to use these tools. If you have something that’s similar, you can use what you have on hand. If you have a long-arm stapler, you don’t need the piercing mat.


Step 1 – Print the Traveler’s Notebook Cover

Print the Traveler’s Notebook cover. You can even use paper or cardstock. Maybe you have some awesome scrapbooking paper in your house.

Step 2 – Print Insert Paper Double-Sided

Print the lined insert paper double-sided. Alternatively, use blank paper.

Step 3 – Measure Your Cut Lines

You want to make sure that your traveler’s notebook is 11 centimeters wide by 21 centimeters tall. Eleven centimeters is 4.33 inches, and 21 centimeters is 8.25 inches.

Step 4 – Line Up Your Papers

Make sure the inserts all match up. This is the hardest part of creating these. If you get it wrong, the paper will be a little off center. If you have any problems, try using blank paper for the inside. It’s easier.

Step 5 – Trim the Paper

Trim the paper. I like to do the inserts first because they’re on different paper. The cover is cardstock, and the inserts are on copy paper. You may choose to fold the paper in half before you cut it or trim and then fold it. The choice is yours.

I use markers on my paper trimmer so that I know where I’m supposed to cut. You want to make sure that your traveler’s notebook is 11 centimeters or 4.33 inches wide by 21 centimeters or 8.25 inches tall.

When you trim the cover, you may want to make it slightly bigger just in case the inserts are too bulky. You could also do this in reverse and trim the cover first and inserts slightly smaller than the cover. It’s always easier to trim because once it’s gone, you can’t add it back.

Step Six – Staple the Traveler’s Notebook

If you have a long-arm stapler, staple the middle, and one on each side. I don’t have a long-arm stapler, so I have to use a paper piercer. Alternatively, you can use a push pin, a needle, or anything that has a sharp point edge.

To use a piercing tool, first, line up the staples to where you want to punch holes. Use the piercing tool to punch the holes. Peel off a few of the staples using your finger nail, pen, or pointy object.

Then put your staples in the holes, and flip over the paper so you can fold the staples inward. If you have problems getting your staples in the holes, consider doing one staple at a time.

Step Seven – Finalize the Design

If you have a traveler’s notebook, then your newly created insert will just slip right inside of that. I don’t have one of those yet, so I just carry these around by themselves. I put a little elastic rubber band around it to keep it closed. If you have eyelets, you could punch them through the cover or use brads with a little piece of string to keep the notebook closed if you want to.

Step Eight – Decorate

There are many ways that you could decorate this and create something that’s beautiful and fun that you will be proud of. Add some paint, embellishments, and have a blast. You’ll be ready to carry this around with you wherever you go.


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