It’s here. 2018. There’s nothing quite like having a new year to look forward to, one that fills us with hope and a sense of optimism for a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to take note of your goals, map out your dreams and ways to improve your walk with God.  Luckily, I have my new Illustrated Faith Goals kit to get me started in the right direction. Here’s my review of the latest kit. If you’d like to purchase it and support our ministry, please use our affiliate link by clicking here.

Illustrated Faith Goals Kit

The Illustrated Faith Goals Kit comes with:

  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll washi tape
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • 2 sheets translucent stickers
  • 6 tip-ins
  • 8 devotional cards
  • 1 plastic holder

It’s the perfect Bible journaling kit to set goals to improve your walk with God.

Goals to Improve Your Walk with God

I usually only focus on one goal at a time. It can be from any of the categories listed below. The key is to focus on your goal, create action steps to achieve it, and execute to your plan. Here are a few goals to consider. Remember, you don’t need to have all of them. Pick one! Each of these topics is included in the new Illustrated Faith Goals Kit.

Wisdom Goals

The Bible states that wisdom is understanding and doing what is right, recognizing that there are certain values involved with wisdom, including sincerity, honesty and “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Wisdom is looking at things from God’s perspective, then responding to it based on biblical principles. This will help keep you centered on God’s will, following his guidance, making it possible for you to become the being that God wants you to be.

Hope Goals

A lot of people see “hope” as an expression of uncertainty. That’s not the biblical meaning of hope. Biblical hope is based on “hoping” for something great for the future and expecting and feeling confident that it will happen. The phrase “Hope in God!” doesn’t mean “Cross your fingers”. It means “Expect great things from God”.

Faith Goals

Everyone who wants to be successful sets achievable goals for the new year. Setting faith goals is particularly important. God always operates in our lives by faith. These goals are closely tied to our aspirations and dreams and having the faith that we’ll accomplish them. Have you set your faith goals for the year? Allow the Word of God be a constant companion, growing in spirit and helping you face any challenges.

Prayer Goals

Setting prayer goals will help ensure that you make time to pray regardless of how hectic your life is. Not sure how to get started? Contemplate what’s in your heart and on your mind. Is there something troubling you? Have dreams you could use God’s guidance for? Someone in your life need help? Is there anything in your life that you would like to change or improve upon? These are all great things to start praying for.

Kindness Goals

Make it a goal this year to be kind and to grow in your love for others, whether it’s family member or a cashier at your local grocery store. Make it your mission to love others with purity and respect. In a relationship, married with kids? Love your children and partner the way God loves you, prioritizing your relationships with faithfulness and zeal.

Peace Goals

Set peace-related goals, including community and world focused goals. Don’t forget about peace of mind, and arrange your life around it. Become God’s “peace” builder, setting goals and praying for meaningful access to legal aid for children, special needs groups, minorities, the elderly, women’s causes and more.

Home Goals

Setting home goals helps us become stronger, happier families. To truly be devoted Christians, it’s our responsibility to live to the best of our ability, according to the Gospel. We need to raise our children in a warm, nurturing environment, love and respect our spouses, and remember to lead by example. What good is it to teach children not to misbehave if we’re not leading by example? “Do as I say, not as I do” isn’t a positive message for families.

Health Goals

According to a 2001 report by Seybold & Hill, nearly all studies involved in the effect of religion on physical health revealed that it had a positive effect on the subject’s lifestyle. The studies involved all genders, ages and various religions. The results were that religion has a positive effect on spiritual, mental, physical and social health. So, set health goals this year and treat your body like a blessed temple. Examples of health goals include losing weight, exercising, making time for friends, to spend more time with family, and Bible study.

Setting goals will give you the motivation to live every day purposefully and with direction. Have you set your goals for the year? Write them in the comments below! If not, sit down and do it now and set a path that will improve your walk with God.

illustrated faith goals kit


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